Sucre Tourist Places to Visit in Sucre, Bolivia, America

Sucre Tourist Places to Visit in Sucre, Bolivia, America

Sucre is located in Chuquisaca Department and the capital of the department and country, Bolivia. Sucre is divided into eight districts and located at an average elevation of 2,810 meters (9,220 feet) above the sea level. Sucre is the UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its preserved historical colonies and economy of the city is based on tourism, agriculture and industries. Sucre is surrounded by Macha, Ravelo, Tarabuco, Tomina, Betanzos, Potosi and Tarapaya Canton and coordinates of Sucre are 19.2000° S, 65.2500° W.


History of Sucre:

Sucre was established as Ciudad de la Plata de la Nueva Toledo in the year 1538, by Pedro Anzures. Later the course of years Spanish established the colony in the region and numerous monuments were built. A Bolivian independence movement was started in the year 1809, in San Francisco town and until the 19th century it was the cultural, religious and judicial center. In the year 1839, Sucre became the capital of Bolivia.


Places to Visit in Sucre:

Cathedral Basilica:

Basilica Cathedral dates from the middle of the 16th century and is a pleasant unify of Renaissance architecture with later Baroque additions. The Cathedral Basilica is believed to be the most precious religious monument of Sucre.

Glorieta Castle:

Glorieta Castle is an exclusive attraction belonging to Don Francisco de Argandona. The fort of la Glorieta was built during the end of the 19th century and displays diverse architectural styles.


General Cemetery:

General Cemetery is one of the finest selections to go and discover more about the life of recognized historical and political figures of the past, whose remains rest at this important signpost.


La Recoleta Convent:

La Recoleta Convent is resting at the base of the Churuquella Mountain. The watch out Point of Recoleta is situated atop of one of the seven hills where the city of Sucre was actually founded.


Other Places to visit in Sucre:

  • Villa Abecia
  • Casa de la Libertad
  • Parque Bolivar
  • University of San Francisco
  • Museums in Sucre
  • Churches in Sucre
  • Cachimayu
  • Dinosaur footprints
  • Colonial Cities
  • El Palmar Natural Area
  • Supay Huasi
  • Bramadero
  • Quila Quila
  • Villa Serrano


Best time to Visit Sucre:

Sucre faces warm climate throughout the year with warm and cold season. The warm season is from September to December and cold season is from June to July and best time to visit Sucre is from November to April.


How to Reach Sucre?

By Air:

Sucre is surrounded by mountainous regions and served by a domestic airport, Sucre Airport located at the distance of 7 kilometers from center of the city handles domestic flights to and from Santa Cruz city.


By Road:

Sucre is well connected through national highways and buses are the major mode of the transportation to and from all the major cities in the country and tourists can find lots of buses operating in the city. Taxis and shared taxis are the local transportation in the city.


Where to Stay in Sucre?

Sucre offers unique hotels in a beautiful colonial building and majority of the colonial buildings is converted into the hotels to for the world class hospitality and comfort of the tourists. There are 1 star to 5 star hotels in the Sucre which range from $ 100 to $ 300 and above per day with facilities like bar, lounge, business center, wellness center, free high speed internet, shuttle bus service etc. Some of the hotels in Sucre are listed here below:

  • Hostal Gobernador, Sucre
  • Capital Plaza Hotel, Sucre
  • Hostal Colonial, Sucre
  • Hostal Espana, Sucre
  • Hotel Independencia, Sucre
  • Parador Santa Maria La Real, Sucre
  • Hostal Patrimonio, Sucre
  • Hotel Real Audiencia, Sucre
  • Cretassic Hostal, Sucre
  • La Dolce Vita Guest House, Sucre
  • San Marino Royal Hotel, Sucre

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