Places to Visit in Vallegrande, Bolivia, America

Places to Visit in Vallegrande, Bolivia, America

Vallegrande is a small town in Santa Cruz department in Bolivia country, is the capital of Vallegrande province located at an average elevation of 2,030 meters (6,660 feet) above the sea level. Agriculture and handicrafts are the main source of income in the Vallegrande town. Vallegrande is surrounded by Pasorapa, Samaipata, El Torno and La Guardia and located 265 kilometers away from Sucre, capital of Bolivia. Coordinates of Vallegrande are 18.4833° S, 64.1000° W.


History of Vallegrande:

Vallegrande was established in the year 1612, as Ciudad de Jesús y Montes Claros de los Caballeros del Vallegrande by Spanish to provide as a boundary to avoid the constant attacks of Guarani soldiers. 18th and 19th century was the period where Vallegrande grew steadily and became the urban and cultural center.


Places to Visit in Vallegrande:

Che Guevera’s:

Vallegrande is renowned for the remains of the Che Guevera were discovered in the year 1997, but the body has been shifted to Cuba. Vallegrande still remains the central point of the leftist leader.


Las Cuevas:

Las Cuevas is located approx 15 kilometers from Vallegrande, tourists can arrive at two exquisite waterfalls that trickle into highly swimmable lagoons surrounded by sandy beaches and campsite amenities are accessible in Las Cuevas.


Los Espejillos:

Los Espejillos society venture is situated 12 kilometers from Vallegrande has lots of waterfalls and natural swimming pools, with gorgeous, clean and stimulating water dazzling over the graceful black rock that characterizes the area.


Other Places to visit in and around Vallegrande:

  • Mataral Rock Paintings
  • Guadalupe Dam
  • Rio Grande, Alto Seco and Masicuri Drawers


Best time to Visit Vallegrande:

Vallegrande is served by semi-dry and mild climate with an average temperature of expected 15° Celsius throughout the year. Summer season is from November to April and winter season is from May to October and best time to visit Vallegrande is from May to October.


How to Reach Vallegrande?

Nearest airport to Vallegrande is the Viru Viru International Airport located at the distance of 250 kilometers in Andres Ibanez Province and the airport handles with domestic and international flights to major cities in the North, Central and South America, British, Canada and Mexico. Vallegrande is connected through Santa Cruz-Cochabamba Highway and buses operate regularly from Samaipata and Santa Cruz cities. Tourists can hire taxi, or rent motorbike from the Samaipata hotels to reach Vallegrande.


Where to Stay in Vallegrande?

Nestled among nature’s loveliness in Vallegrande are cottages and guesthouse and budget and luxury hotels with spacious airy rooms are located in Samaipata at the distance of 120 kilometers from Vallegrande. Facilities such as 24 hour check in and out, free breakfast, laundry services, pubs and fitness room, etc are available in Samaipata. Rooms in such hotels are rented $ 100 to $ 200 on daily basis. Economy class and guesthouse in Vallegrande will cost from $ 10 for single room and $ 60 for double room. Some of the hotels providing good facilities in Vallegrande are listed below:

  • Andorina Hostal
  • Traudi’s Cabins
  • El Pueblito Hotel Resort
  • Finca La Vispera
  • Campeche Cabins
  • El Refugio Los Volcanes
  • Achira Sierra Resort
  • Quinta Piray
  • El Jardin Samaipata Alojamiento
  • Andorina Hostal


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