Tourist Places to Visit in Managua, Nicaragua, America

Tourist Places to Visit in Managua, Nicaragua, America

Managua is the capital and department in a Nicaragua country in Central America, located towards the south west coast of Managua Lake and covers an area of 717.7 square kilometers (277.1 square miles). Managua is the hub for several national and international businesses in the country with commercial, retail, banking, tourism, Government organization, education and healthcare playing the crucial role. Managua coordinates are 12.1464° N, 86.2706° W.


History of Managua:

As per the historians, Managua was inhabited for more than 6,000 years ago by Paleo Indians. During the period 1852 to 1930, Managua became the major city and several developments occurred in the city. Later in the between the years 1876 to 1885 the city was deprived by heavy flood and later under the rule of Anastasio Somoza Garcia the city grew quickly. In the year 1972, the development of the city was suffered because of the major earthquake and several people were killed and the government and private properties of the country were destroyed and at present various government buildings have adorned the city turning it into one of the prominent cities in Central America.


Places to Visit in Managua:

Tiscapa Lagoon:

Tiscapa Lagoon is the oldest lagoon in the country which was formed around 10,000 years ago covers an area of 15 hectares is enclosed by natural beauty and best place for family vacation.


Montelimar Beach:

Montelimar Beach is located at the distance of 60 kilometers from center of the city is one of the main prime beaches of Central America renowned for hosting first resort in the country and there are lots of palm trees at the backdrop of beach.


National Museum:

National Museum was constructed in the year 1935 by the President Juan Bautista Sacasa is a historical building in the country and building was government office for more than 50 years and at present serves as National Archive, National Library and National Museum.


Catedral de Santiago:

Catedral de Santiago is one of the oldest churches in the country fallowed due the earthquake the building was damaged and abandoned but tourists can take a look from the outside the cathedral but are not allowed inside because it may collapse anytime.


Other Places to Visit in Managua:

  • Xiloa Lagoon
  • Apoyeque Volcano
  • Los Cajones Beach
  • Chocoyero – El Brujo Natural Reserve
  • Masachapa Beach
  • Montibelli Private Natural Reserve
  • Pochomil Beach
  • National Arboretum Juan Bautista Salas
  • San Diego Beach
  • Theater Justo Rufino Garay
  • Hacienda San Jacinto historic site


Weather in Managua:

Managua experiences tropical climate with dry and wet season and dry season is from the month of November to April and wet season is from the month of May to October and best time to visit Managua is from November to April.


How to Reach Managua?

By Air:

Augusto C. Sandino International Airport is located at the distance of 13.5 kilometers from the heart of the city is the major airport in the country, caters with domestic and international flights to all the airports in the country and major cities in Central America.


By Road:

Managua is the hub for transportation and all the roads in the country leads to Managua city and there are domestic and international bus terminals in the city which operates regular buses to all the destinations in the country. To get around the city tourists can avail car, bus and taxi services.


Where to Stay in Managua?

Managua is major tourism hub with the mix of historical and natural harm and provides some of the best hotel accommodation amenities to the tourists visiting the place throughout the year. Hotels in Managua range from budget to luxury and provide world class living facilities for the convenience and relieve of the tourists and the tariffs vary from hotel to hotel. Customers can select a hotel of their choice, requirements and budget and book a hotel well in advance prior to visiting the place. List of hotels located in Managua are:


  • Campo Royale Hotel
  • Hostal Quinta Johana
  • Hotel Casa El Madrono
  • Hotel Casa Larocque
  • Hotel Casa del Sol
  • Hotel Camino Real
  • Art Hotel Managua
  • Viva Nicaragua Guesthouse
  • Milagro del Mar Resort
  • Hotel Sol y Luna
  • InterContinental Metrocentro
  • Hotel Los Robles
  • Hotel Escuela Palmeras Resort

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