Narsaq Tourist Places to Visit in Narsaq, Greenland, America

Narsaq Tourist Places to Visit in Narsaq, Greenland, America

Narsaq is a town in Kujalleq Municipality in Greenland situated towards the southern part of the Greenland. Fishing and sheep farming are the main form of living in the town and marine life like Whales, Salmon and Seals are mainly found in the fjords and tourism also plays the major role in expansion of economy of the town. Narsaq has well developed infrastructure like supermarket, police station, fire station, school, hospital internet service and a church and Food Science College is the only college in the country situated in Narsaq. Coordinates of the Narsaq are 60.9122° N, 46.0469° W.


History of Narsaq:

It is believed that the town was inhabited more than 1000 years ago but not permanently and the first settlers were Norse settlers and ruined church can be located at the north western part of the town. In the year 1830, the region was established as Nordproven and served as the trading colony and trading center was recognized due to the natural deep water harbor and seal hunting was the main form of economy for Narsaq until the year 1900 and later fishing occupied the top notch.


Places to Visit in Narsaq:

Narsaq Museum:

Narsaq Museum is one of the famed museums in the town which showcases the history and portrays about the region and enthusiastic to kayak and norse display. Tourists can also view the House of Henrik Lund and admission is free to the museum.


Things to do in Narsaq:


Sailing activity is organized by the local tourist office in Narsaq and town is situated close to the ice sheet and full of icebergs and sailing around the ice bergs is the adventurous activity in the town and one can see the whales closely.


Greenland Adventure Race:

The adventure race is the adaptation of Iron Man and only difference is that in race one should kayak instead of swimming and rest of the activities is same and the race takes five days to finish.



For kayaking, Narsaq is the ideal destination and has diverse shoreline and lots of inlets and best suited for kayaking.



Geography of the fjord system in Narsaq is ideal for mountaineering and one can find the rare and unique gems in the region.


Weather in Narsaq:

Narsaq has polar weather which source the chilled climate throughout the year and best time to visit Narsaq is from May to September, during these months temperature will be warm.


How to Reach Narsaq?

Narsaq is well connected to the through airways and Narsaq heliport caters with flights to and fro to Qaqortoq and Narsarsuaq Airport throughout the year and from Narsarsuaq tourists can avail flights services to other parts of the Greenland and Europe.

Narsaq has natural port with steep depth and ferry is operated by
Arctic Umiaq Line coastal ship during the summer season and due to the steep depth it can house deep seagoing vessels.

Narsaq has well developed road system compared to the other parts of the Greenland and during the summer there are car and taxi facilities to get around the town and during the winter Dog Sled are the best mode of transportation.


Where to Stay in Narsaq?

Narsaq is renowned among the tourists and visited by thousands of the tourists throughout the year. There are few hotels in Narsaq which offers some of the best accommodation facilities to the tourists and individual apartments, hotels and camps are available for the tourists and during the peak season tourists must book the rooms before visiting the town to avoid the last minute rush and the list of hotels in Narsaq is as follows:

  • Silamut House Rental
  • Tasiusaq Hostel
  • Hostel Niviarsiaq
  • Narsaq Farm House
  • Hotel Inuili
  • Orlas Youth Hostel
  • Hotel Narsaq
  • Igaliku country Hotel

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