Places to Visit in Kavanayen, Venezuela, America

Places to Visit in Kavanayen, Venezuela, America

Kavanayen is a community belonging to the Gran Sabana city in Bolivar state of Venezuela located between 5°35’05” north latitude and 6°45’03” W longitude at an altitude of 1350 meters. It is situated about 590 km southeast of the state capital, Ciudad Bolivar and 1150 km southeast of the national capital, Caracas.

Kavanayen is situated within the limit of Canaima National Park inhabited by Pemon people. Capilla de Santa Teresita de Kavanayen is the main cultural site as well as landmark of Kavanayen. Kavanayen is a popular tourist destination home to many natural as well as man-made attractions that draw tourists from all around the world.


Etymology of Kavanayen:

Kavanayen derives its name from the Pemon people’s language and its literal meaning is ‘the place of cockerels Saw’.


How to reach Kavanayen?

Kavanayen has an airport with limited connection and the nearest major airport to Kavanayen is Santa Elena de Uairén Airport which is placed in Gran Sabana, around 235 km away from Kavanayen with flights to Porlamar and Puerto Ordaz, catered by Conviasa and Aereotuy.

There are buses regularly running between Gran Sabana and Kavanayen and daily buses between Kavanayen and Ciudad Bolivar.

Tourists can use taxi or bus or rental car to move within the city, to reach tourist destinations and airport.


Food and shopping in Kavanayen:

Kavanayen houses numerous upgraded food corners with a variety of mouth-watering traditional and international food items. Kavanayen is also home to many class shops that sell typical traditional products such as hats, wooden carvings and perfume.


What to do in Kavanayen?

  • Hiking
  • Waterfalls
  • Shopping
  • Day tour


What to see in Kavanayen?

Capilla de Santa Teresita de Kavanayen:

Capilla de Santa Teresita de Kavanayen is the prime cultural attraction of Kavanayen. The exterior of the structure is great to watch, so bring a camera to take some pictures of this unique structure.


Canaima National Park:

Canaima National Park is a top tourist site with many spectacular waterfalls including Angel Falls. Also the park is rich in flora and fauna and the major mammal species in the park are armadillos, porcupine, jaguars, pumas, tapirs. The bird species are white bellbird, bananaquit, velvet browned brillant, sooty-capped hermit and capunchin bird.


Mount Roraima:

At a height of 2,800 meters, Mount Roraima is a peak on the border of Guyana, Venezuela and Brazil. Sir Everard im Thurn was the first person to climb Mount Roraima in 1884. Ideal for adventure sport lovers.


List of other places of interest in and around Kavanayen include:

  • San Luis de Avarkay
  • Aponwao
  • Chivatón Mantopay
  • Angel Falls
  • Kukenan
  • Chimantá Massif
  • Auyantepui
  • Tepui Chiricayen


Ideal time to visit Kavanayen:

The best time to travel Kavanayen is during the months of the summer season.

Where to stay in Kavanayen?

Kavanayen is within the Canaima National Park, so there are few luxury hotels in and around. Camping is the major option for accommodation and also there are many lodges near Kavanayen offering some upgraded facilities and services like AC, hot water, telephone, different entertainment activities, food on request, internet connectivity and arrangement of bikes and bicycles. Other than facilities, they also conduct jungle tours for tourists. The prominent hotels in and around Kavanayen are as follows:

  • Barquilla de Fresa
  • Waku Lodge
  • Jungle Rudy’s Ucaima Camp
  • Tapuy Lodge
  • Campamento Parakaupa
  • Campamento Wey Tepuy
  • Excursiones Kavac
  • Arekuna Lodge
  • Campamento Morichal Canaima
  • Camp Tiuna & Tours
  • Churum Vena Lodge
  • Hotel Gran Sabana
  • Canaima Camp
  • Campamentos in canaima

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