Best Tourist Places to Visit in Xlendi, Malta, Europe

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Xlendi, Malta, Europe

Xlendi is a village located in the southwestern part of the Gozo Island in Malta, around 2 km away from the capital of Gozo, Victoria and 45 km away from the national capital, Valletta. Xlendi is a tourist favor village with numerous significant historical sites, valley, caves, bay and valley.

Geography of Xlendi:

Xlendi is situated between 36°1′47″ N latitude and 14°13′8″ E longitude and its surrounding villages are Fontana, Kercem and Munxar.


History of Xlendi:

Xlendi may be derived its name from a kind of Byzantine vessel, xelandion. Some historical landmarks in Xlendi include Xlendi Tower, Punic Tombs and St Simon Chapel.


How to reach Xlendi?

The Malta International Airport is the only airport in Malta, situated about 40 km away from Xlendi. There is no road connection between the airport and Xlendi, so it is advised for visitors to take taxi at the airport to the Mġarr Ferry Terminal and then take ferry from there to the Mġarr Ferry Terminal on Gozo where buses and taxis are always accessible to reach Xlendi.

Local transportation is good in Xlendi; buses, taxis and rental cars and bikes are the convenient options. Some of the travel agencies in Xlendi also conduct day tours.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Xlendi:

Xlendi is a picturesque village home to many grand events and festivals celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervor by natives along with visitors.

To serve regular visitors, Xlendi houses several modernized shops with branded products of clothes, watches, hand phones, shoes and jewels.

There are many famed restaurants in Xlendi with large menu of traditional and international dishes and here are the some fine food corners in Xlendi:

  • Gelateria Granola
  • Da Manuel Restaurant
  • C Seven Restaurant
  • Le Val D’Or Restaurant & Bar


What to do in Xlendi?

  • Sunbathing
  • Diving
  • Hiking


What to see in Xlendi?

Xlendi Tower:

Constructed in 1650 by the Grandmaster Juan de Lascaris-Castellar, the Xlendi Tower is a historic tower, still good in condition. It was built to defend island from the Turks attack.


Xlendi Bay:

The Xlendi Bay is an ideal spot for sunbathing and diving activities.



Kantra is a valley housing typical flora and fauna species and is also one of the beautiful sites in Xlendi.


Caroline Cave:

Located on the right cliffs of Xlendi Bay, the Caroline Cave is a scenic spot attracting nature lovers through the year.


Other places of interest in Xlendi include:

  • Punic Tombs
  • St Simon Chapel
  • St Domenica Chapel
  • Underground Emergency Mill
  • Xlendi Valley
  • Kantra Valley
  • Catherine of Siena Cave
  • Ġgantija Temple
  • National Shrine of the Blessed Virgin of Ta’ Pinu
  • Azure Window
  • Church of St. John The Baptist
  • George’s Basilica
  • The Citadel in Victoria
  • Gharb Folklore Museum
  • Dahlet Qorrot Beach


When to visit Xlendi?

Due to its pleasant weather, Xlendi can be visited throughout the year, especially the summer months are ideal for beach exploration.


Where to stay in Xlendi?

Being one of the prominent tourist destinations in Malta, Xlendi hosts numerous excellent hotels welcoming tourists throughout the year of which most are engaged with package tours, so booking hotels through online will be better to get rooms in these hotels. The reputed hotels in Xlendi are as follows:

  • San Andrea Hotel
  • Villa Bronja
  • Hotel Xlendi Resort & Spa
  • Saint Patrick’s Hotel
  • Romantica Xlendi Gardens
  • Ulysses Village Apartments
  • Hotel Xlendi Resort & Spa
  • San Antonio Guesthouse
  • Ulysses Apart Hotel
  • San Antonio Guesthouse
  • Ulysses Apart Hotel
  • Moby Dick Complex
  • Villa Xemxija
  • Villa Atlantis
  • Xlendi Bay
  • Odysseus Court Gozo

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