Tourist Places to Visit in Sukhumi, Georgia, Europe

Tourist Places to Visit in Sukhumi, Georgia, Europe

Sukhumi is the capital city of the disputed region Abkhazia on the Black Sea coast, around 205 km northwest of Kutaisi and 435 km northwest of Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. Sukhumi is a popular tourist destination with many spectacular beaches, mineral-water spas, botanical gardens and entertainment centers. Sukhumi coordinates with 43°00′12″ N latitude and 41°00′55″ E longitude and experiences a humid subtropical climate, is located at an elevation of 140 meters


History of Sukhumi:

The history of Sukhumi dates back to the mid-6th century BC when it was settled by Milesian Greek colony by replacing native Colchian tribes. Sukhumi was strongly damaged in the 1992–1993 War during the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict and is still suffering from the earlier damages.


Connectivity to Sukhumi:

Sukhumi hosts Sukhumi Dranda Airport, which serve entire Abkhazia, located around 27 km from the centre of Sukhumi city, served by the charter flights only to the mountain village of Pskhu.

Kutaisi International Airport is the nearest airport to Sukhumi, situated about 190 km away and operates flights to Tbilisi, Baghdad, Katowice, Kharkiv, Warsaw, Donetsk, Kiev and Minsk.

Sukhumi is also connected to bordering cites of Russia including Moscow by train, bus and marshrutkas. Trolleybus is an additional option for both intercity and local travel.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Sukhumi:

Sukhumi is a multicultural city housing people belonging different communities such as Abkhaz, Armenians, Georgians, Turkish, Greeks and Estonians.

Products like t-shirts, fridge magnets, Abkhazian brandy, vodka and homemade honey are purchasable items in Sukhumi.

Some special food corners in Sukhumi include:

  • Restaurant San-Remo
  • Restaurant Nartaa
  • Cafe Honey
  • Restaurant Akafurta
  • Cafe Lika


Things to do in Sukhumi:

  • Walking
  • Exploring beaches
  • Shopping


What to see in Sukhumi?

Krubera Cave:

Measuring a depth of 2,140 meters, the Voronya Cave is the deepest cave in the globe and has a length of 13.432 kilometers. Discovered in 1960, Voronya Cave is situated in the Gagra district of Abkhazia.


Botanical garden in Sukhumi:

There is a botanical garden in the vicinity of Hotel Ritsa, housing numerous odd-shaped trees that are very popular among the tourists and promenades. Take some pictures of the typical trees. The entrance fee is RUR 140.


Monkey Park:

Located across the railway line, near the botanical garden, the Monkey Park is a zoo with a giant monkey sculptures. Admission fee is RUR 140. The summer months are ideal to visit parks of Sukhumi.


List of other places of interest in and around Sukhumi include:

  • Old soviet buildings
  • Ruins of war
  • The former government building
  • The Abkhazian State Samson Chanba Drama Theatre
  • New Athos Simoneau-Kananitsky Monastery
  • Anacopia Fortress
  • The Sukhum Lighthouse
  • The Glory Park
  • Queen Tamar Bridge
  • The Bagrat Castle
  • The Sukhum Waterfront
  • New Athos Cave
  • The Sukhum Mountain
  • The Sukhum Fortress
  • New Athos Monastery
  • The Great Abkhazian Wall
  • The Besletsky Bridge


Ideal time to visit Sukhumi:

From June to September is the best time to travel Sukhumi.


Where to stay in Sukhumi?

There are several well facilitated hotels in Sukhumi and generally luxury hotels charge around EUR 100 per night during peak season. Home stays are also options for comfortable stay that offers some latest facilities along with all the basic amenities and services at affordable budget. The prominent hotels in Sukhumi are as follows:

  • Sukhum Mini Hotel
  • Ritsa
  • Calypso
  • Amra
  • Abkhazia
  • Kak Doma
  • Olimp
  • Palmira
  • Hotel Yasemin
  • Pension Eucalyptus Grove
  • Hotel Sinop
  • Hotel Ritz
  • Pension Kyalasur
  • Hotel Inter-Sukhumi
  • Hotel Atrium Victoria
  • Hotel Aytar
  • Beliy Parus

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