Tourist Places to Visit in Ayvalik, Turkey, Europe

Tourist Places to Visit in Ayvalik, Turkey, Europe

Ayvalik is a town and district belonging to the province of Balikesir in Turkey. It is located on the northwestern coast of the Aegean Sea between 39°19′10″ N latitude and 26°41′40″ E longitude, around 150 km north-northwest of the Izmir city and 510 km southwest of Istanbul, the largest city of Turkey. The district of Ayvalik is spread over an area of 265.37 sq. km.

Ayvalik is a tourist favor town with rich eco system, spectacular beaches and historic mosques. Ayvalik is a gateway for the Greek island of Lesbos connected by ferries and is also recognized for olive oil production owing from olive trees surrounding the town.


History of Ayvalik:

According to the archeological studies, Ayvalik has been inhabited since the prehistoric ages. Following the end of the Ottoman Empire, Greek citizens lived in Ayvalik moved to Greece and Turkish people lived in Greece came back to Ayvalik. Kydonies was the Greek name of Ayvalik.


How to reach Ayvalik?

Ayvalik is catered by the Balıkesir Koca Seyit Airport, located around 40 km northeast of the midpoint of Ayvalik. This airport is served by Atlasjet and Borajet with scheduled flights to Istanbul and Turkish Airlines connects it with the national capital, Ankara.

The international airport, Adnan Menderes Airport in Izmir is situated around 175 km away from Ayvalik.

Ayvalik does not have good railway connection but it is connected by bus to all its surrounding cities, including Izmir.


Culture, Shopping and Food in Ayvalik:

Ayvalik is home to Ayvalık International Music Academy where thousands of students from all over the world get violin, viola and cello trainings annually.

Olive oil and castile soaps are famous in Ayvalik which can be purchased at Persembe Pazari” on Thursdays.

Seafood items are popular among both visitors and locals and one can taste it at restaurants in downtown and on Cunda Island.


Things to do in Ayvalik:

  • Diving
  • Boating
  • Viewing sunset


Places of interest in Ayvalik:

Alibey (Cunda) Island:

Connected to Ayvalik by bridge, the Alibey (Cunda) Island is a paradise for tourists knowing for its stunning beaches, churches and monasteries including the Taksiyarhis Church and seafood restaurants. Shared taxis and buses are available year round and Alibey can also be reached by ferry from Ayvalik during the summer.


Sarimsakli Beach:

A hotspot of water-sport lovers, the Sarimsakli Beach stretches a length of 7 km, is situated in the southern part of Ayvalik and its width extends up to 100 metres. Other than beauty of beaches, visitors can also have mouthwatering sea food at restaurants lining on the beach.


Taksiyarhis Church:

Situated on the Alibey Island, the Taksiyarhis Church is one of the top tourist attractions of Ayvalik depicting the life of Jesus Christ and also features the pictures of the Saints and eye-catching interior marble design. It was constructed in 1873.


Saatli Camii:

Located in the centre of the Ayvalik town, originally a Greeks church, Saatli Camii was converted into a mosque in the 20th century. Its highlights include gorgeous frescoes, a minaret and tower with clock.



Bergama is a city situated around 65 km away from Ayvalik housing different tourist attractions like Selçuk Minaret, Great Mosque, Şadırvanlı Mosque and Çukurhan caravanserai. There is an ancient Roman spa settlement, Allianoi and an ancient Greek settlement, Pergamon, located not too far from Bergama.


List of other places of interest in Ayvalik includes:

  • Old Ayvalik Houses
  • Çamlık
  • Çınarlı Camii
  • Moonlight Monastery
  • Saint Nicola Church
  • Altinova Beach
  • Leka Monastery
  • Ida Dalis Merkezi
  • Devil’s Feast
  • Saatli Cami
  • Taksiyarhis Kilisesi
  • Moshos Taverna
  • Ayvalik Bit Pazari
  • Nokta Cafe Beach Club


Best time to visit Ayvalik:

Due to the presence of spectacular beaches, during the summer months between May and September will be best to visit Ayvalik in Turkey.


Accommodation options in Ayvalik:

There are plenty of accommodation options in Ayvalik including tourist favor resorts and spas as well budget guest houses. Price for hotel rooms differs on season and facilities offered by such hotels. List of the prominent hotels in Ayvalik in Turkey include:

  • Ortunc Hotel
  • Ferahi Evler Butik Hotel
  • Hotel Sobe
  • YundAntik Cunda Konaklari
  • Cunda Basel Hotel
  • Mola Cunda Hotel
  • Tas Bahce Butik Hotel
  • Cunda Basel Hotel
  • Grand Hotel Temizel
  • Ayvalik Cinar Hotel
  • Aytas Hotel
  • Kaptan Otel
  • Tas Konak Otel
  • Camlik Berk Hotel
  • Halic Park Hotel

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