Vitebsk Tourist Places to Visit in Vitebsk, Belarus, Europe

Vitebsk Tourist Places to Visit in Vitebsk, Belarus, Europe

Vitebsk also called as Vitsebsk is one of the major cities of Belarus as well as the capital of the Vitebsk Province, located around 205 km northeast of the country capital, Minsk, at the coordinates of 55°11′ N 30°10′ E. Vitebsk is especially noted for universities such as Vitebsk State Medical University, Vitebsk State University and Vitebsk State Technological University.


Geography of Vitebsk:

Vitebsk is spread over an area of 124.54 sq. km. lying at an altitude of 172 meters above mean sea level.


History of Vitebsk:

Vitebsk is one of the oldest cities in Belarus as it was initially formed in 947 by Olga of Kiev, according to an anachronistic legend; it derives its name from the Vitba River. The major historical identities of Vitebsk include St. Barbara Church, Vitebsk Town Hall, Trinitarian Catholic Church and Annunciation Church.


How to reach Vitebsk?

Vitebsk Vostochny Airport is the airport serving Vitebsk with flights to few domestic locations, situated around 12 km away from the midpoint of the city.

Minsk National Airport is most important airport of Belarus located in the capital city, Minsk with scheduled flights to most of the major European cities such as Moscow, London, Frankfurt and Berlin. This airport is located about 245 km away from Vitebsk.

There are buses plying between Vitebsk and Minsk and bordering cities of Russia at regular intervals.

Vitebsk is also well served by buses, trolley buses, and trams which generally cost 0.4USD per way. Taxis charge around $5(US) to reach airport and tourist destinations.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Vitebsk:

Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk is the major international art festival celebrated in Vitebsk annually attracting participants from the different regions of the country and from Russia and Ukraine.

Traditional Belarusian handicrafts are purchasable items in Vitebsk that are available at affordable cost in Slaviansky Bazaar Festival.

The major food corners in Vitebsk are listed below:

  • Vitebsky Traktir
  • Kofeynya
  • Gubernskiy Traktir Restaurant
  • The Golden Lion


What to do in Vitebsk?

  • Visiting Historical sites
  • Visiting Parks
  • Visiting Museums


Tourist Attractions in Vitebsk:

Annunciation Church:

Being one of the oldest structures in Belarus, Annunciation Church is a stunning six-pillared building was constructed during the Kievan Rus period in the early 12th-century and restored during the 14th and 17th centuries and renovated in 1883 and 1992.


Vitebsk Town Hall:

Vitebsk Town Hall is a mammoth structure built in 1775 with bell tower. Great to see.


St. Barbara Church:

St. Barbara Church is a light red color church with two towers. Bring camera to take pictures from outside.


Art Center Marc Chagall Vitebsk:

Built in 1992, the Art Center Marc Chagall Vitebsk is located at Putna Street in Vitebsk. It displays works of artist Marc Chagall.


List of other places of interest in Vitebsk includes:

  • House of Marc Chagall Vitebsk
  • Vitebsk Regional Museum
  • Berezina Biosphere Reserve
  • Saint-Efrosinya Monastery
  • Trinitarian Catholic Church in Vitebsk
  • Lyalka Belarusian Theatre
  • Braslau Lakes National Park
  • Uspensky Cathedral
  • Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk
  • Saint Euphrosyne Monastery
  • Repin’s country house in Zdrawneva
  • Jewish Cemetery
  • Lyalka Belarusian Theatre


Best time to visit Vitebsk:

The months of June, July and August are ideal to travel historical Vitebsk.


Accommodation options in Vitebsk:

Vitebsk is a grand city with plenty of top historical sites, cultural centres, festivals and world class hotels with superior facilities and services. Most of the hotels in Vitebsk are offered advance booking facility through online for tourists’ convenience. Listed below are the major hotels in and around Vitebsk:

  • Vitebsk Hotel
  • Gubernsky Hotel
  • Hostel H.O.
  • Mini Hotel Zoloty Telenok
  • Luchesa Hotel
  • Hotel Dvina
  • Kentavr Hotel
  • Hotel NAFTAN
  • Vetraz
  • Orsha Hotel
  • Oxotniy Dvor Lodge
  • Hotel Eridan
  • Strusto Tourist Center

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