Leiden Tourist Places to Visit in Leiden, Netherlands, Europe

Leiden Tourist Places to Visit in Leiden, Netherlands, Europe

Leiden is a Dutch city located in the province of South Holland covering an area of 23.27 sq. km. It is noted for its historical sites, recreational centres, especially more than 400 years old the “Leiden University”.


Geography of Leiden:

Lying between 52°10′ N latitude and 4°29′ E longitude, Leiden is situated about 45 km southwest of Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands.


History of Leiden:

Leiden originated on the manmade hill (Burcht van Leiden) at the confluence of Oude and Nieuwe Rijn rivers around 1000 with name Leithon. In 1266, Leiden gained city rights and it notably emerged in the 16th and 17th century with establishment of weaving industries especially broadcloth.


Connectivity to Leiden:

Leiden is located around 28 km away from the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. This airport operates flights from Paris, Delhi, New York, Montreal, Mumbai, Beijing, Dublin, London and many other important global destinations.

Leiden can be reached by train from Schiphol Airport and it takes around 20 minutes. Also there are taxis always accessible at the airport and buses are also regular between the airport and Leiden.

Visitors can choose bike for local travel and bikes can be hired at the railway station’s bike shops. Rental cars are also useful options to get around.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Leiden:

The major festivals of Leiden include:

  • Leidsche bluesweek
  • Werfpop
  • Leiden International Film Festival
  • Leidsche lakenfeesten

The major shopping streets in Leiden include Breestraat and Haarlemmerstraat. Uitjes Leiden and De Slegte are two special shops in Leiden.

The famous restaurants in Leiden are listed below:

  • Better Bagels
  • Bistro Bord’o
  • India Way Tandoori Restaurant
  • In Den Gapenden Eter
  • Cafe de Bonte Koe


Things to do in Leiden:

  • Watching movies
  • Festival celebrations
  • Walking


Tourist Attractions in Leiden:

Rijksmuseum van Oudheden;

The Rijksmuseum van Oudheden or National Museum of Antiquities holds a great collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities and the museum also hosts exhibitions on Netherlands’s archeological history. The entrance fee is €7.50.


Hooglandse Kerk:

Located on the Nieuwstraat 20 in Leiden, the Hooglandse Kerk is a 15th century Gothic church devoted to St. Pancras. Both exterior and interior of the church are great treat for visitors’ eyes.


Van der Werfpark:

The Van der Werfpark is a public garden named in the honor of the former Mayer of the Leiden Municipality and opened in 1886. A Statue Mayor Van der Werff and the pool beside the park are highlights of the park.


Other places of interest in Leiden include:

  • Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde
  • National Museum of Natural History
  • Museum Boerhaave
  • Stedelijk Museum De Lakenhal
  • Molen de Valk
  • Hortus Botanicus
  • De Zijlpoort
  • Molen de Put
  • Leiden American Pilgrim Museum
  • Academiegebouw
  • Wall Poems of Leiden
  • Municipal Museum of Leiden
  • De Burcht Leiden Castle
  • Leiden American Pilgrim Museum
  • Museum Boerhaave


Best time to visit Leiden:

Leiden is home to many palatial festival celebrations of which most are celebrated in the summer months. So the summer months between April and October are ideal to enjoy holidays in Leiden.


Accommodation options in Leiden:

Leiden is a scenic destination attracting tourists for its pleasant weather and dozens of manmade and natural tourist attractions. Due to the regular visit of tourists from the different regions of the world, Leiden houses several world class hotels with top class amenities and the city houses many budget options like camping and hostels as well. Here are the some prominent hotels in Leiden:

  • Ibis Leiden Centre
  • Hotel-Restaurant De Beukenhof
  • Hotel Leiden
  • Holiday Inn Leiden
  • Tulip Inn Leiden Centre
  • Hotel de Doelen
  • Bastion Hotel Leiden
  • Golden Tulip Leiden Centre
  • City Hotel Nieuw Minerva
  • Marienpoel Hotel
  • Fitland Hotel-Level Leiden
  • Het Vogelhuis
  • Salomon’s Room
  • Huys van Leyden
  • Rembrandt Hotel Leiden

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