Ulan Ude Tourist Places to Visit in Ulan Ude, Russia, Europe

Ulan Ude Tourist Places to Visit in Ulan Ude, Russia, Europe

Ulan Ude is a city in the south east part of Russia in Republic of Buryatia. Ulan Ude is located on the bank of River Uda and surrounded by mountains and highest elevation is 600 meters (2,000 feet) above the sea level and population of city depends on business and trading for their livelihood and tourism industry is booming in the city.

Ulan Ude is enclosed by Kabansk, Selenginsk, Zaigraevo, Solnechnyy, Zabaykalskiy, Ivolginsk, and Gusinoozyorsk towns and situated at the distance of 5,630 kilometers from Moscow, capital of Russia. Geographical coordinates of Ulan-Ude are 51.8333° N, 107.6000° E.


History of Ulan Ude:

Ulan Ude was captured by Evenks and later settled by Buryat Mongols and Russian established the fortress in the year 1666, due to its favorable location and became of the large trading hub with China and Mongolia. Ulan Ude was changed from Udinsk in the year 1775 and granted the city status in 1878. In the year 1900, Trans-Siberian railway established the railway line to the city and name of the city was changed to Ulan Ude in the year 1934.


Tourism in Ulan Ude:

Odigitrievsky Cathedral:

Odigitrievsky Cathedral is positioned at the distance of 2.5 kilometers from center of the Ulan Ude city was established in the year 1741 and it was the first stone building the city and renowned as one of the oldest cathedral.


Ethnographic Museum:

Ethnographic Museum is placed at the distance of 5 kilometers from hub of the Ulan Ude city and the museum is located in the oldest building and showcases the distinct traditional Buryati homes.


Ivolginsky Datsan:

Ivolginsky datsan is a Buddhist Monastery located at the distance of 20 kilometers from Ulan Ude and the Monastery is surrounded by lush greenery and valley around the monastery will give peace of mind and must visit location in Ulan Ude.


Interesting places to visit in Ulan Ude:

  • World’s Largest Lenin Head
  • Arbat Street
  • History Museum
  • Fine Arts Museum
  • Geology Museum
  • Museum of City’s History


Best time to visit Ulan Ude:

Ulan Ude is served by Steppe climate with short summers and long winters and average temperature varies from -30° Celsius to 27° Celsius throughout the year and best time to visit Ulan Ude is from May to September.


How to reach Ulan Ude?

By Air:

Ulan-Ude Airport is situated at the distance of 15 kilometers from center of the city is an international airport and handles flights to cities like Nizhneangarsk, Taksimo, Bagdarin, Irkutsk, Kurumkan, Kyren, Orlik, Taksimo, Beijing, Yakutsk, Bangkok and other major cities.


By Train:

Ulan Ude is one of the prominent cities in Russia and the train services to the city is provided by Trans-Siberian and Trans-Mongolians railways and has direct train connectivity from all the major cities in Russia and from neighboring countries.


By Road:

Ulan Ude is well linked through national highways and buses are available from Ulan Ude bus terminal to some of the major cities in the south east part of Russia. Buses, trolleybuses and trams are available to get around the city.


Hotels in Ulan Ude:

Ulan Ude is surrounded by mountains and due to its pleasant climate and surroundings thousands of tourists visit Ulan Ude throughout the year and the city offers world class accommodation services to the travelers and rooms are designed as the per the lavishness and comfort of the tourists with all the modern amenities and facilities and these hotels are located at the favorable locations in the city. List of hotels in Ulan Ude are as follows:

  • Baikal Plaza
  • Ulan Hotel
  • Buryatia Hotel
  • Ayan Hotel
  • Praga Hotel
  • Kruiz Hotel
  • Beliy Parus Hotel
  • Tikhaya Gavan Hotel
  • Hotel Mergen Bator
  • Sagaan Morin Hotel
  • Khutorok Hotel
  • Kemping Hotel
  • Guest House Khutorok

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