Tukums Tourist Places to Visit in Tukums, Latvia, Europe

Tukums Tourist Places to Visit in Tukums, Latvia, Europe

Tukums is a Latvian town located near the meeting point of Vidzeme, Zemgale and Courland regions, around 65 kms west of Riga, the capital of Latvia. Tukums is especially noted for its museums and historical sites which draw tourists from all around the country. Tukums is also the hometown many sportsmen including Joe Magidsohn, Dainis Kūla and Kristaps Blanks.


Geography of Tukums:

Tukums is geographically positioned between 56°58′ N latitude and 23°09′ E longitude.


History of Tukums:

Tukums is a historical town dating back to the 13th century. Tukums gained town rights in the year 1795. Talsi Street is the oldest portion of Tukums, originated on the banks of Zvirgzdupite River. Tukums also witnessed the rule of the Livonian Order along with other Latvian settlements in the past.


Connectivity to Tukums:

There is no airport in Tukums, so international tourists are needed to reach the Riga International Airport and then they can take taxi or bus services to reach Tukums. This airport is situated around 60 km from Tukums.

Tukums is connected to Riga by every hour train and bus services. Tourists can also use pre-booked vehicles to reach Tukums from Riga.

There are rental vehicles generally available in Tukums for local travel and sightseeing.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Tukums:

Tukums is a museum town housing numerous renowned museums concentrated on the culture, history and nature of the region such as Tukums Museum, Jaunmokas Palace Museum and Pastariņs Museum. Tukums is also famous for palatial festival celebrations.

Shops are abundant and some of the best food corners in Tukums are listed below:

  • Kuksu Muiza
  • KARE-Nord
  • Kare
  • Elizabete
  • Krodzins


Things to do in Tukums:

  • Hiking
  • Shopping
  • Visiting museums and historical sites


Places to see in Tukums:


Jaunpils Castle:

Being the only survived fortified castle of the Order of Livonia in Latvia, the Jaunpils Castle attracts a large number of tourists throughout the year. It was constructed in the year 1301 and now it houses an exhibition hall and museum showcasing the history of Tukums.


Jaunmoku Palace:

Located around 5 km away from the Tukums town, the Jaunmoku Palace was built in 1901 in the blend of Art-Nouveau and Neo-Gothic architectural styles as a residence for the mayor of Riga, George Armitstead. Bounded by the winsome Courlands hills, Jaunmoku Palace hosts exhibitions about local forestry.


Tukums Museum:

The Tukums Museum is one of the major museums in Tukums located on the Harmonijas Street 7. It is open for tourists from 10AM – 5PM (Tuesday-Saturday) and 11-16 (Sunday).


Other places of interest in and around Tukums include:

  • Durbe manor house
  • Kandava
  • Slokenbeka Manor
  • Pastariņš Museum
  • Jaunmokas Palace Museum
  • Jaunpils Museum
  • Castle Tower of Tukums
  • Zviedru Cepure
  • Cinevilla
  • Tervete Nature Park
  • Rundale Palace Museum
  • Dobele Castle
  • Jelgava History and Art Museum
  • Holy Trinity Church
  • Dobele Evangelical Lutheran Church
  • Bauska Town Hall


Best time to visit Tukums:

Probably the summer months are ideal to visit Tukums while the weather remains pleasant.


Accommodation Options in Tukums:

Tukums is a scenic town well known for its museums, historical sites, natural attractions as well as reputed accommodation centers with upgraded tourist favor facilities and services. Tukums also houses many vacation rentals and hostels that are ideal for budget travelers. The prominent hotels in Tukums include:

  • Guest House Pilsetnieki
  • Hotel Plosti
  • Villa Anna Hotel
  • Hotel Tukum
  • SPA Ainavas
  • Piejuras nams
  • Vagneris
  • Tukuma Ledus Halle
  • Milzkalne Guest House
  • Hostel Pie Toma
  • Ferienhaus Lidakas
  • Struteles Mansion
  • Jaunpils Pils
  • Kuksu Muiza
  • Jaunmokas Palace
  • Arkadia Hotel Spa

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