Tarcal Tourist Places to Visit in Tarcal, Hungary, Europe

Tarcal Tourist Places to Visit in Tarcal, Hungary, Europe

Tarcal is a village belonging to the county of Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen in Hungary and coming under popular Tokaj-Hegyalja wine district. It is situated about 50 km from the county seat, Miskolc and 220 km from the national capital, Budapest.

Other than wine production, Tarcal is also famous for its historical sites dating back to the 18th century. The Calvinist church, the Roman Catholic Church and the Andrassy Manor are some major historical identities of Tarcal.


Geography of Tarcal:

Tarcal is positioned at the western foothills of the Nagy Hill in the far east of the county in the northern Hungary at 48.13128° N 21.34267° E. It spans over an area of 53.73 sq. km.


How to reach Tarcal?

Debrecen Airport is the closest airport to Tarcal, located around 95 km away with flights to London and Eindhoven.

Reaching Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport first, will be better for international tourists because this airport has connection to all around Europe including the cities like Moscow, Berlin, Dublin, Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, Bern, Vienna and Copenhagen.

There are train services available between Budapest and Tarcal, costing around 10-12 Euros and taking around 2 hour and 30 minutes.

Other than trains, buses and taxis are also convenient to travel between Budapest and Tarcal.

Rental cars, bikes and bicycles are widely used to move within Tarcal.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Tarcal:

There are many colorful festivals held all around Tokaj district including Tarcal. Tokaj Wine Festival is the prominent one celebrated at the last weekend of May and the Harvest festival takes place in the month of October every year. Tokaj Museum is the major museum in the region describing the history of wine production industry in Tokaj.

There is shops abundance and tourists can try Tokaj wine, Fried keszeg and fish soup in the restaurants of Tarcal. Here are the some major food corners sited in and around Tarcal:

  • Millennium Restaurant
  • Bonchidai Csarda
  • Halsuto ez Palacsintazo
  • Sarga Borhaz


Things to do in Tarcal:

  • Climbing Bald Mountain
  • Wine seminars
  • Wine ship tour
  • Kenue tours
  • Fishing
  • Festival celebrations
  • Visiting wine cellars and museums


Places to see in Tarcal:

The Roman Catholic Church in Tarcal:

The Roman Catholic Church in Tarcal was constructed in the year 1615 and as far as the history is concerned some of the parts of the church dates back to the medieval period.


The Calvinist church:

The Calvinist church in Tarcal is one of the major historical churches in Tarcal attracting tourists for its nice construction and historical significance.


Andrássy Manor:

The Andrássy Manor was constructed in the 16th century in the baroque style of architecture.


List of other places of interest in Tarcal include:

  • Terezia chapel
  • The Synagogue
  • The Tisza River
  • Tokaj Wine Region
  • The Mindszent Church
  • Ottó Herman Museum
  • The Castle of Diósgyőr
  • Wooden Church
  • Palace of Music
  • Lutheran church of Diósgyőr
  • Protestant church of Diósgyőr
  • Hotel Palace
  • Anna Cave
  • Gothic Protestant Church
  • Csodamalom Puppet Theatre
  • Martin-Kertváros
  • House of Arts
  • National Theatre of Miskolc


Best time to visit Tarcal:

Between June and October will be the best time to travel Tarcal in Hungary while the weather remains pleasant.


Accommodation options in Tarcal:

There are many well facilitated hotels established in and around Tarcal, due to the frequent visit domestic as well as international tourists from the different regions of the world. List of the prominent hotels in and around Tarcal include:

  • Paulay Borhaz es Vendeghaz
  • Torkolat Pension
  • Bartfay Guesthouse
  • Bone Vendeghaz es Borozo
  • Magita Hotel
  • Hotel Kelep
  • Makk Marci Panzio-Pizzeria
  • Civis Inn Tokaj
  • Vasko Panzio
  • Huli Panzio
  • Bodrogzug Vendeghaz
  • Novak Panzio
  • Magda Vendeghaz
  • 5 Puttonyos Vendeghaz
  • Szivarvany Vendeghaz
  • Hotel Tokaj & Restaurant


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