Best Tourist Places to Visit in Sopron, Hungary, Europe

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Sopron, Hungary, Europe

Sopron is a Hungarian city located in the county of Gyor-Moson-Sopron near the border of Austria. Sopron is renowned for its historical buildings, festival celebrations and wine production. Due to the presence of 300 plus dental clinics, Sopron is popularly called as the “dental capital of the world”.


Geography of Sopron:

Sopron coordinates with 47.68489° N latitude and 16.58305° E longitude, is situated about 90 km west of the county seat, Gyor and 210 km west of the national capital, Budapest. Sopron sprawls over an area of 169.01 sq. km.


History of Sopron:

Sopron was once destroyed by fire in the year 1676 and after few decades, it was founded with many Baroque buildings. The major historical landmarks in Sopron include:

  • The City Hall
  • Firewatch Tower
  • Esterházy Palace
  • Kecske Church


Connectivity to Sopron:

Airport in Vienna in Austria and Bratislava in Slovakia are the nearest airports to Sopron, located around 65 km and 100 km respectively.

Within the country, Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport is the major nearest airport to Sopron, located around 225 km away with scheduled and seasonal flights to major European cities including Moscow, London and Berlin.

Sopron is connected to Budapest and rest of Hungary by both railway and roadway. Other than regular travel options, Sopron is also reachable by tourist vehicles during high season, served by many prominent Hungarian tour operators.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Sopron:

There is a cultural centre called Liszt Ferenc Cultural Centre which is situated on the Széchenyi Square used for major events of Sopron.

There are shops many including a shopping centre on the border of the town, and a shop called Jeans Club is ideal place to purchase branded jeans.

Restaurants in Sopron guest with a variety of Austrian, Italian, Chinese dishes along with traditional Hungarian delicacies. The prime food corners in Sopron include:

  • Papa Joe’s Saloon & Steak House
  • Vadaszkurt Panzio es Etterem
  • Gyogygodor Borozo
  • Moa Restaurant & Bar


Things to do in Sopron:

  • Visiting historical sites
  • Shopping
  • Cultural events


Places to see in Sopron:

Firewatch Tower:

Firewatch Tower is the historical identity as well as tourist attraction in Sopron dating back to the 12th century.


Taródi Castle:

Taródi Castle was constructed by István Taródi during the middle of the 20th century.


Main square of Sopron:

The main square of Sopron houses most of the historical structures of the city such as Storno-House, Roman Catholic Church, fire tower and City Hall. The Christmas market on the square is a prime attraction.


St. Michael Church:

The St. Michael Church was constructed in the 15th century. The tower of the church is main highlight.


List of other places of interest in Sopron include:

  • Walls with Roman origin
  • Kecske Church
  • Széchenyi Square and Flag of Loyalty
  • City Hall
  • Esterházy Palace
  • Old Synagogue
  • Liszt Ferenc Cultural Centre
  • Eggenberg House
  • Fabricius House
  • Storno House
  • Mining Museum
  • “Two Moors” House
  • Museum of History
  • Gambrinus House
  • Lábasház
  • Chemist’s Museum


Best time to visit Sopron:

The months of summer season, especially between July and September are best to trip Sopron.


Accommodation options in Sopron:

Sopron houses dozens of well facilitated hotels to serve tourists coming from the different regions of the world. Tourists can also have authentic Hungarian dishes in such hotels other than amenities. Here are the some reputed hotels in Sopron:

  • BEST WESTERN Pannonia Med Hotel
  • Hotel Wollner
  • Hotel Sopron
  • Hotel Palatinus
  • City Partner Hotel Szieszta
  • Civitas Boutique Hotel
  • Solar Club Hotel
  • Hunguest Hotel Maroni
  • Bianco Pansio Hungary
  • Rosengarten Hotel & Restaurant
  • Moha Muck Panzio
  • La Villa Cecile
  • Club Vital Wellness Panzio
  • Diana Panzio es Etterem
  • Het Pecset Fogado Etterem

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