Tourist Places to Visit in Myvatn, Iceland, Europe

Tourist Places to Visit in Myvatn, Iceland, Europe

Myvatn is a eutrophic lake situated at the distance of 90 kilometers from center of the Akureyri town. Myvatn is bounded by rich fauna and wetlands and lake was formed by a huge basaltic lava eruption 2300 years ago. Myvatn Lake has total surface area of 37 square kilometers and average depth of 2.5 meters and situated at an elevation of 288 meters above the sea level and home to number of bird species. Myvatn is situated close to two small towns by name Reykjahilio on the northeastern shore of the lake and Skutustaoir on the southern shore of the lake.

Myvatn is situated 90 kilometers from Akureyri and 475 kilometers from Reykjavik, capital of Iceland and coordinates of Myvatn are 65.6000° N, 17.0000° W.


History of Myvatn:

Myvatn Lake was formed by enormous explosion of volcano around 2300 years ago and there are more than hundreds of inhabited around the lake and tourists visit throughout the year.


Tourism in Myvatn:

Myvatn Lake is the main attraction in around the region known for its stunning landscapes and fauna and flora. Most of the tourist visits the region for bird watching and the region is identified as one of the premier sites in the world for bird watching and birds will arrive from all over the world during April or May.


Must see in Myvatn:


Hverfjall is situated at the distance of 15 kilometers from center of the town was formed around 2500 years ago and tephra crater rises 463 meters high and is 1040 meters across and can be reached through Reykjahlio village.


Lofthellir Lava Cave:

Lofthellir Lava Cave is positioned around 10 kilometers from Myvatn Lake and the cave is around 370 meters long and provides the most natural ice statuettes recognized as Icelandic Lava Cave is a must visit site in Myvatn.


Sigurgeir’s Bird Museum:

Sigurgeir’s Bird Museum is situated just around 15 minute drive from Myvatn Lake was named after the Sigurgeir Stefánsson who established the museum but died in the year 1999 and construed to the admiration his memory and the museum is hub to 300 birds of 180 species.



Krafla is one of the main volcanic explosion sites in the region bounded by overlying lavafields gives an attractive banded exterior to the area on a superior scale and can be visited by the guidance of tour.


Other Places to Visit in Myvatn:

  • Dimmuborgir
  • Skútustaðagígar
  • Vindbelgjarfjall
  • Neslönd
  • Námaskarð
  • Mývatn Nature Baths
  • Grjótagjá Fissure


Best time to visit Myvatn:

Myvatn experiences continental climate with short dry summer and long winters and some of the tourist’s visits Myvatn throughout the year but best time to visit Myvatn is from June to September.


Reaching Myvatn:

By Air:

Nearest airport to Myvatn is Akureyri Airport situated at the distance of 90 kilometers in Akureyri town is the main airport in north part of the Iceland and handles regular flights services to Reykjavik, Grimsey, Vopnafjordur and other cities.


By Road:

Myvatn is situated close to the ring road and plenty of buses are available from Akureyri, Husavik or Egilsstadir town to Myvatn Lake and one can get around the town through local bus, walking, biking and hitchhiking.


Accommodation in Myvatn:

Myvatn is a Lake and its is surrounded by number of hotels and guest houses and some of the guest houses are open to tourists throughout the year and during the peak season many people from country relocate near Myvatn Lake to serve tourists and hotel rooms are decorated as per the comfort and needs of the tourists with all the modern amenities and facilities. Some of the hotels in Myvatn are as follows:


  • Vogafjós Guesthouse
  • Hotel Reykjahlid
  • Sel Hotel Myvatn
  • Fosshotel Laugar
  • Hotel Gígur
  • Hotel Reynihlid
  • Hlid Bed And Breakfast
  • Hlid Cottages
  • Stöng Cottages
  • Guesthouse Stöng
  • Guesthouse Storu-Laugar

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