Tourist Places to Visit in Ronne, Denmark, Europe

Tourist Places to Visit in Ronne, Denmark, Europe

Ronne is the largest town on the island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea in Denmark, is the seat of Bornholm municipality belonging to the region of Capital (Hovedstaden) and covers an area of 588.53 sq. km. Ronne is a major tourist site on the island receiving tourists from the mainland Denmark, Sweden, Poland and Germany for its natural harbor, half-timbered houses, class museums and paved streets.


Geography of Ronne:

Ronne is geographically positioned between 55°05′55″ N latitude and 14°42′05″ E longitude at an elevation of 15 meters.


History of Ronne:

The history of Ronne dates back to 1000s when it was originated with the settlement of fishing community. The present Ronne Church was built by dedicating a small chapel to St Nicolas in 1275. It was earlier a disputed site between Germans, Swedish and Danish and also witnessed several bombings at the end of Second World War by Soviet aircraft.


Connectivity to Ronne:

Ronne is the site of Bornholm Airport which is served by Danish Air Transport with scheduled flights to Copenhagen. Other airline serving Bornholm Airport includes Wideroe (Oslo), Spies (Mallorca and Antalya) and AirBerlin (Berlin).

Ronne is also connected with the mainland Denmark and other neighboring countries connected by ferry services and the operators include:

  • Sassnitz – Rønne ferry
  • Bornholmexpress
  • Bornholmer Faergen
  • Kołobrzeg – Nekso ferry

Taxis are available for local travel, charging around €7 from the airport to the centre of Ronne. Car, bus and bicycles are additional options to get around.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Ronne:

As a seat of Bornholm municipality, Ronne houses many cultural centers including theatres, exhibition halls and museums.

Top quality crafts like Blown glass and textiles are very famous in Ronne and the major food corners in Ronne are listed below:

  • Restaurant Poul Pava
  • Arnager Rogeri & Restaurant
  • Restaurant Di 5 Stauerna
  • Restaurant Fyrtojet


What to do in Ronne?

  • Swimming
  • Gallery tours
  • Bicycling
  • Fishing
  • Trekking
  • Surfing


Tourist Attractions in Ronne:

The Bornholm Museum:

The Bornholm Museum describes the complete history of Bornholm Island including Ronne from the Paleolithic period to the 20th century. It also boasts many artifacts of the Nordic Bronze Age and Iron Age, paintings, pottery and Roman coins.


St Nicolas’s Church:

St Nicolas’s Church is a religious site as well as the tourist attraction in Ronne nestled on the site of the 13th century church. It was extended and renovated in the year 1918 with grand specialties and the tower of the church is the main highlight.


Ronne Defence Museum:

Ronne Defence Museum (Forsvarsmuseet) holds artifacts like guns, uniforms, blades and bombs related to the military history. It is located on 3.5 meter thick wall fortress which was constructed in 1744 to guard the town.


List of other places of interest in Ronne includes:

  • Ronne Public Library
  • Erichsens Gard,
  • Kommandantgarden
  • The Toldboden
  • Torhus building
  • Rønne Theatre
  • Hovedvagten
  • Rønne Lighthouse
  • Bornholms Kunstmuseum
  • Svaneke
  • Hammeren Lighthouse
  • Ruins of Hammershus
  • Bornholms Rovfugleshow
  • The Medieval Centre of Bornholm
  • Osterlars Church


Best time to visit Ronne:

Probably between March and September is the ideal time to enjoy holidays in Ronne.


Accommodation options in Ronne:

Ronne is a pleasant town hosting many reputed hotels with upgraded facilities and services as well as mouthwatering traditional and international delicacies. Also major hotels in Ronne arrange vehicles for their guests for airport travel. List of the prominent hotels in Ronne include:

  • BB-Hotel Ronne
  • Hotel Skovly
  • Sverres Hotel
  • Hotel RytterGaarden
  • Pension Koch
  • Radisson BLU Fredensborg Hotel
  • Hotel Griffen
  • Hotel Hoffman
  • Knud Norby
  • Det Lille Hotel
  • Ronne Nordskov Camping
  • Danhostel Ronne
  • Arnager Badehotel
  • Roenne Hotel
  • Gallokken Camping

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