Best Tourist Places to Visit in Egilsstadir, Iceland, Europe

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Egilsstadir, Iceland, Europe

Egilsstadir town is positioned in the east part of Iceland in Norður-Múlasýsla County in the region of Austurland on the banks of River Lagarfljót. Egilsstadir is the largest populated town in the Austurland region and transportation and administration hub in the east Iceland and town is enclosed by airport, college and hospital. Egilsstadir is situated at the distance of 650 kilometers from Reykjavik, capital of Iceland and surrounded by mountain region covered with ice and trees. Coordinates of Egilsstadir are 65.2833° N, 14.3833° W.


Tourist Attractions in Egilsstadir:

Eiðar Longwave Transmitter:

Eiðar longwave transmitter is the tallest building in the town used for long wave transmitter in and around the region where tourists can take the permission of authorized persons and visit the building.


Kárahnjúkar Hydropower Plant:

Kárahnjúkar Hydropower Plant is positioned at the distance of 95 kilometers from center of the town is a main hydroelectric power plant in the east part of Iceland on the meeting point of fiver rivers.



Lagarfljót is a lake placed at the distance of 16 kilometers from center of the town measures up to 53 square kilometers (20 square miles) is the largest forest in the Iceland.


East Iceland Heritage Museum:

East Iceland Heritage Museum is positioned at the distance of 3 kilometers from center of the town has the collection of local artifacts and information is also available in English as well and during summer season, the museum hosts the events as well.


Other Places to Visit in Egilsstadir:

  • Hallormsstaðaskógur
  • Hengifoss
  • Skriðuklaustur
  • Öxi


Best time to visit Egilsstadir:

Egilsstadir experiences polar tundra climate with summer from June to September and winter season from October to April and best time to visit Egilsstadir is from June to September.


Reaching Egilsstadir:

By Air:

Egilsstadir is served by Egilsstaðir Airport positioned at the distance of 3 kilometers from hub of the town is a single runway airport handles regular flights to Reykjavik city and flights services are provided by Air Iceland.


By Road:

Egilsstadir is connected through route 1, 92, 96 and 931 from other parts of the country and Egilsstadir town is the hub for bus services in the east part of the Iceland and functions regular buses to surrounding villages and town and tourists can explore the city by foot.


Accommodation in Egilsstadir:

Nestled among snow covered mountains and on the banks of river Lagarfljot Egilsstadir provides cottages, resorts, apartments ranging from budget to luxury hotels with spacious airy rooms. Facilities such as 24 hour check in and out, free breakfast, laundry service are available at all the hotels in Egilsstadir. Rooms in such hotels are rented $ 20 to $ 200 on daily basis. Some of the prominent hotels in Egilsstadir are as follows:

  • Icelandair Hotel Herad
  • Gistihús Olgu B&B
  • Guesthouse Ormurinn
  • Lyngás Guesthouse
  • Vinland Guesthouse
  • Vinland Cottage
  • Eidagisting Guesthouse
  • Apartment Tungata
  • Ekra Cottages
  • Skálanes Mountain Lodge
  • Hotel Hallormsstadur
  • Hotel Egilsstadir
  • Hotel Edda Egilsstadir
  • Eyjólfsstadir Guesthouse
  • Guesthouse Grai Hundurinn

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