Places to Visit in Soroca, Moldova, Europe

Places to Visit in Soroca, Moldova, Europe

Soroca is city situated on the Nistru River in Moldova at an altitude of 45 meters. It is the seat of Soroca District holding a population of 37,500 as of the recent census. The district of Soroca houses many important nature reserves including the Baxani Nature Reserve.


Geography of Soroca:

Soroca is geographically positioned between 48°10′ N latitude and 28°18′ E longitude, about 160 km north of Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. Soroca features a temperate-continental climate


How to reach Soroca?

The history of Soroca is focused on its well-maintained fort, called Soroca Fort which was built in the year 1499 by the Moldavian Prince Stephen the Great. This fort witnessed many important wars of Moldova’s history including the Russo-Turkish War.


How to reach Soroca?

There is no commercial airport in Soroca and so the international tourists are needed to reach Chisinau International Airport first and then take bus or taxi from there to reach Soroca. This airport is situated about 165 km away from the heart of Soroca.

The bus station near the stadium of Soroca receives scheduled buses from the Gara Nord Bus Station in Chisinau and the journey takes around 3 hours and costs about 58.50 MDL.

The rental cars and bikes are useful for local travel in Soroca.


Culture and Food in Soroca:

Christians forms the higher majority of Soroca’s population of which Orthodox Christians are higher in number, followed by Protestants, Seventh-day Adventists and Evangelicals.

Golden River is one of the famous restaurants in Soroca serves guests with a lot of love and care with authentic Moldovan delicacies. Dolce Vita is another well known restaurant in Soroca.


What to do in Soroca?

  • Walking
  • Bike riding
  • Visiting nature reserves


What to see in Soroca?


Soroca Fort:

The Soroca Fort is the identity of Soroca as it was constructed in 1499 and witnessed many important wars. The Moldavian Prince, Stephen the Great was the founder of this historical fort. The fort is still good in condition and is allowed for public.


Thanksgiving Candle:

Being a very special structure in Soroca, the Thanksgiving Candle is a monument and chapel measuring a height of 29.5 meters. It was inaugurated on March 27, 2004. Don’t miss to see the light of the candle at night.


Baxani Forest:

The Baxani Forest is one of the protected areas of Soroca, located in the village of Băxani, about 27 km away from the Soroca city. It is the great site for nature lovers.


Other places of interest in and around Soroca include:

  • The Monastery of the Assumption in Cosuti
  • The Monastery of Rudi
  • Catholic Church in Rabnita
  • Orthodox Church in Rabnita
  • Bridge over the Dniester River
  • Parcul Valea Morilor
  • National Ethnographic and Nature Museum
  • Reservoir in Rabnita
  • Stefan Cel Mare Monument
  • Park in Rabnita
  • Parcul Dendrariu
  • Parcul Alunelul
  • Botanical Park in Chisinau
  • The Capriana Monastery
  • Mihai Eminescu Theatre
  • The National Museum of History of Moldova
  • The National Filharmonic
  • Jewish Cemetery


When to visit Soroca?

Soroca receives an average rainfall of 485 mm and the best time to trip beautiful Soroca is during summer season.


Where to stay in Soroca?

Compared to other Moldovan cities (except Chisinau), Soroca hosts many modernized accommodation centres with tourist favor facilities and services. The standard hotels in Soroca charges around 400 MDL per night. The major hotels in and around Soroca include:

  • Hotel Central
  • Nistru Hotel
  • Vila de Nord
  • Hotel Victoria
  • Tapok Hostel
  • Diplomat Club Hotel
  • Trotter’s Den Hostel
  • Leogrand Hotel & Convention Center
  • Regency Hotel
  • Club Royal Park Hotel
  • Funky Mamaliga
  • First Choice Apartments
  • Manhattan Hotel & Restaurant
  • Weekend Boutique Hotel
  • Retro Moldova Hostel
  • BEST WESTERN PLUS Flowers Hotel

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