Tourist Places to Visit in Miskolc, Hungary, Europe

Tourist Places to Visit in Miskolc, Hungary, Europe

Miskolc is a city located in the county of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén in Hungary between latitude 48°06′15″ in the north and longitude 20°47′30″ in the east. Miskolc is the 4th most populous city in Hungary after Budapest, Debrecen and Szeged, with inhabitants of 167,754, as of the recent census. Miskolc is the seat of both Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county and Northern Hungary region.


Geography of Miskolc:

Miskolc spans over an area of 236.68 sq. km, is situated around 185 km northeast of Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Miskolc features relatively warm and humid summers and cold and snowy winters with around 120 centimeters of annual snowfall.


History of Miskolc:

According to the archeological evidences, Miskolc was settled in the Paleolithic era and also likely believed that, Cotini people were the first inhabitants. Miskolc achieved town status in 1365 and city rights in the year 1909.


Connectivity to Miskolc:

Miskolc has no airport and the nearest airport to Miskolc is Debrecen Airport which is in Debrecen city, around 125 km from Miskolc with scheduled flights to Eindhoven and London.

Miskolc is located around 190 km from the Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport which is in Budapest city operating flights to major European cities.

Miskolc is connected to Budapest by both railway and motorway; by train, it takes around 2 hours and costs HUF 3705 for second class ticket. Trains depart Keleti Station in Budapest to Tiszai Station in Miskolc. Buses are also regular between these two cities.

Taxis, rentals cars and bikes and public buses are options to get around.


Culture, Food and shopping in Miskolc:

CineFest is an international film festival held in the month of September annually in Miskolc. The city also houses numerous museums and theatres.

Shops are plenty and the prime restaurants in Miskolc are as follows:

  • Tokert Panzio
  • Avasi Sorhaz Etterem
  • Kis Anna Halaszkert
  • mpresszo PSS Club KFT


Things to do in Miskolc:

  • The Cave Bath
  • Visit Zoo
  • Festival celebrations


Places to see in Miskolc:

Ottó Herman Museum:

Located at Gorgey Artur St 28 in Miskolc, Ottó Herman Museum is Miskolc’s largest museum boasting around 600,000 artifacts related to the history, art, ethnography and archaeology of the region. It was founded in 1899 and the present name takes from renowned polyhistor Ottó Herman.


Mindszent Church:

Constructed between 1724 and 1880 in Baroque architectural style, the Mindszent Church is dedicated to St. Peter and Paul. This historically significant church is located at Mindszent ter 2 4 in Miskolc.


Castle of Diósgyőr:

The Castle of Diósgyőr dates back to the medieval era, is located 6 km away from the centre of Miskolc city. It was originally built in the 13th century and renovated in the year 1953. Typical medieval castle plays take place here in August annually.

List of other places of interest in Miskolc include:

  • Wooden Church
  • Egyetemváros
  • Martin-Kertváros
  • House of Arts
  • Gothic Protestant Church
  • Kós House
  • Minorite Church
  • Csodamalom Puppet Theatre
  • National Theatre of Miskolc
  • Palace of Music
  • Lutheran church of Diósgyőr
  • Protestant church of Diósgyőr
  • Hotel Palace
  • Anna Cave
  • Trout Farm


Best time to visit Miskolc:

From July to August is the ideal time to trip Miskolc while many palatial events take place in palatial including CineFest.


Accommodation options in Miskolc:

Miskolc is a grand city home to several well facilitated hotels ranging from budget options to star rated hotels. The prominent hotels in Miskolc are listed here below:

  • Oreg Miskolcz Hotel
  • Hotel Kolibri
  • Kikelet Club Hotel
  • City Hotel Miskolc
  • Levay Villa Panzio
  • Hotel Pannonia Miskolc
  • Centrum Apartman Hotel
  • Calimera Wellness es Konferencia Hotel
  • Hotel Kitty
  • Hunguest Hotel Ozon
  • Varkert Pension
  • Anna Hotel
  • Park Hotel
  • Hunguest Hotel Szilvas
  • Bastya Wellness Hotel
  • Hotel Lido

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