Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Brasov, Romania, Europe

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Brasov, Romania, Europe

Brasov is a city in Brasov County located in the central part of Romania. Brasov is located at the distance of 170 kilometers from Bucharest, capital of Romania and covers an area of 267.32 square kilometers (103.21 square miles) and lies at normal elevation of 600 meters (2,000 feet) above the sea level. Brasov is home to some of the heavy industries in the country that attracts the workers from all over the country and there are many renowned universities and educational institutions in the city.

Brasov is surrounded by Ghimbav, Timisu de Jos, Sacele, Cristian, Vulcan, Rasnov, Bod, Harman, Budila, Prejmer and Predeal and coordinates of Brasov are 45.6667° N, 25.6167° E.


History of Brasov:

Brasov was inhabited from Neolithic age and population increased during the Bronze Age. Brasov was prospered during the German rule and Transylvanina Saxons established the colonies in the town. Mining, trade and crafts were the main form of living in the region and later became one of the wealthiest regions during those eras. Later many churches, schools, hospitals and other buildings were established in the town.


Brasov Tourism:

Dracula’s Castle:

Dracula’s Castle is located at the distance of 28 kilometers from center of the city is also renowned as Bran Castle is the prime attraction in the county visited by thousands of tourists around the world. The castle is home to some of the historic eastern and central European furniture and was constructed during the 13th century.


Biserica Neagră:

Biserica Neagra is also known as Black Church is located at the distance of 3 kilometers from heart of the city is a Gothic church dates back to 1477 and the church got its name after being blackened by smoke in 1689 huge fire and visited by number of tourists around the world.


Catherine’s Gate:

Catherine’s Gate is located around 3.5 kilometers from heart of the city was constructed for the defensive purpose in the year 1559 by Tailor’s and the gate was named after the St. Catherine’s Monastery located in the town in former times.


Other places to visit in Brasov:

  • Şchei Gate
  • Muzeul Prima Carte Românească
  • Tâmpa
  • Brașov Citadel Fortress
  • Poiana Brașov
  • Prejmer Fortress
  • Râșnov Fortress,
  • Casa Sfatului
  • Nicholas Church
  • The First Romanian School


Best time to visit Brasov:

Brasov is served by humid continental climate with mild to hot summer and cold winter and average temperature varies from -16° C or above 30° C throughout the year and best time to visit Brasov is from May to September.


Connectivity to Brasov:

Brasov is adequately connected by road, train and air modes of transport since it is around 170 kilometers from Bucharest city. The nearest airport located is Bucharest Baneasa International Airport, at the distance of 180 kilometers and handles both domestic and international flight schedules to different countries. Tourists can also take the trains from Bucharest, Bacau, Braila, Constanta, Craiova, Ruse and other parts of the country and also quite well linked by fast and efficient modes of rail transport. Buses operate from all the parts of the country and daily buses are available from Bucharest city to Brasov and tourists can get around the town by bus or taxi.


Accommodation in Brasov:

Brasov is one of the prominent industrial and tourism cities in Romania and there are numerous presumed hotels ranging from 1 star to 5 star providing admirable accommodation conveniences to the tourists and business travelers visiting the city all round the year and offers world class living options like bar, lounge, business center, wellness center, free high speed internet, shuttle bus service, suites and wheelchair access. List of hotels located in Brasov are:

  • Hotel Ambient
  • Belvedere Hotel Brasov
  • Kronwell Brasov Hotel
  • Casa Wagner Brasov
  • Ramada Brasov
  • Coroana Brasovului
  • Golden Time Hotel
  • Residence Hirscher
  • Deutsches Haus Pension
  • City Center Hotel Brasov
  • Hotel Restaurant Classic Inn
  • Pension La Residenza
  • Hotel Garden Club

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