Best Tourist Places to Visit in Hasselt, Belgium, Europe

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Hasselt, Belgium, Europe

Hasselt is a capital city of Limburg province in the region of Flemish in Belgium located towards the eastern part of the county on the banks of Demer River. Hasselt is renowned for its zero far bus services in the country and residents of Hasselt can avail the offer in and around the city throughout the year and tourists can also avail this offer in the city. Hasselt spans over an area of 102.24 square kilometers (39.48 square miles) and the economy of the city is based on tourism, industries and commerce. Hasselt is surrounded by Lummen, Zolder, Diepenbeek, Alken, Wellen, Borgloon, Zonhoven, Herk-de-Stad and Bilzen and coordinates are 50.9167° N, 5.3333° E.


History of Hasselt:

Hasselt was a small town on the banks of River Demer and established in the 7th century and became one of the largest towns of Loon County in Middle Age. Hasselt city was ruled by French, Dutch and Napoleon and was the part of Limburg provinces. In the year 1839, the province of Limburg split between Netherlands and Belgium and Hasselt became the capital of Limburg provinces.


Tourism in Hasselt:

Hasselt is situated on the eastern part of the country on the banks of the River Demer is a hub to numerous historic buildings and popular for updated city-centre and an energetic night life. The foremost market in the city is Grote Markt, along the market there are many cafes, numerous terraces and sidewalk and surrounded by numerous churches which dates back to 14th century. Hasselt city is a shopper’s as well as food connoisseur’s paradise.


Places to see in Hasselt:

  • The abbey of Herkenrode in Kuringen
  • The Virga Jesse Basilica
  • Museum of the ‘Heilig Paterke’
  • The St. Quentin’s Cathedral
  • Refugehuis of the abbey of Herkenrode
  • Virga Jesse Basilica
  • The Japanese garden
  • The Airfield of Kiewit
  • The nature field Kiewit
  • Municipal Carillon Museum
  • National Bank of architect


Climate in Hasselt:

Hasselt is served by a mild humid temperate climate and average temperature normally ranges from -0° C to 24° C throughout the year and best time to visit Hasselt is from June to September.


Transportation to Hasselt:

Hasselt is situated at an important location in the country and major roads like E313 and E314 pass through the city and located couple of hours drive from major cities in the country. Buses are used by majority of the populace in the city due to zero fare from many years and buses departure from Hasselt station to different parts of the country. Hasselt railway station operates train services from the city to few parts of the country and there is no direct link to major cities. Limburg Regional Airport is placed at the distance of 23 kilometers from center of the city caters with domestic and international flights to Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Liege Bierset, Maastricht, Rotterdam, Brussels and Charleroi.


Accommodation in Hasselt:

Hasselt city provides an extensive selection of lodging suites to traveler’s suits to fit any budget from family friendly hotels to luxury to budget hotels. One can find the hotels in all parts of the city are within the preferred position is not a difficulty at all with world class facilities and hospitalities. Hotel rooms in Hasselt might charge anywhere from $ 20 to $ 200 and above per day. Some of the prominent hotels in Hasselt are as follows:

  • Holiday Inn Hasselt
  • Holiday Inn Express Hasselt
  • Hotel Hasselt
  • Carbon Hotel
  • Parkhotel Valkenburg
  • Hotel Limburgia
  • Radisson Blu Hotel, Hasselt
  • Hotel Kasteel Geulzicht
  • Bed & Breakfast Ims & Wims
  • Hotel De Venne
  • Chateau St Gerlach
  • Ibis Hasselt Centrum
  • Grand Hotel Monopole

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