Best Tourist Places to Visit in Cayman Islands, America

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Cayman Islands, America

Cayman Islands are situated in the western part of the Caribbean Sea and a British Overseas Territory. Cayman Islands covers an area of 264 square kilometers (102 square miles) and surrounded by the peaks of a huge underwater ridge, called as Cayman Ridge and the islands are enclosed by native fauna. Cayman Islands has the highest standard of living in the Caribbean and print their own currency known as the Cayman Islands Dollar and government organization is the major source of income in the islands and a main international financial centre and main sectors in the country are banking, hedge fund formation and investment, structured finance and securitization. Capital of Cayman Islands is George Town and coordinates of Cayman Islands are 19.3333° N, 81.4000° W.


History of Cayman Islands:

Cayman Islands was first sighted by Christopher Columbus in the year 1503 and named the islands as Las Tortugas and first English visitor to the islands was Sir Francis Drake in the year 1586 and named the islands has Cayman and was uninhabited until the 17th century. In the year 1670, England took the control over the Islands along with Jamaica and the permanent population settlement started from the year 1730 and many people were brought from Africa and English tumble. The islands were the part of Jamaica until the year 1962.



Places to Visit in Cayman Islands:

Seven Mile Beach:

Seven Mile Beach placed in Grand Cayman is one of the main attractions in the islands and the beach has a long falcate of coral sand beach on the western shore with number of restaurants and resorts.


Grand Cayman:

Grand Cayman is an island located in the Cayman Islands in Central United States is the largest Islands in the country visited by thousands of tourists throughout the year.


George Town:

George Town is the capital of the Cayman Islands, one of the prime attractions in the country surrounded by various natural spots, museums, and water activities are popular in the city.


Other places to visit in Cayman Islands:

  • East End Light
  • Eden Rock Diving Center
  • Joe Tourist Cave Tour
  • Grand Cayman Helicopter Tour
  • Cayman Islands National Museum


Climate in Cayman Islands:

Cayman Islands faces tropical marine climate with wet and dry season. Wet season starts from the May and continues till October with rainfall frequently and dry season from November to April with cool winters and best time to visit Cayman Islands is from November to April.


How to Reach Cayman Islands?

By Air:

Owen Roberts International Airport is the positioned in George Town and the major airport in the county which has daily flight services to destinations like the Caribbean, North America, Central America and Europe. There are two domestic airports in the country by name Edward Bodden Airfield and Charles Kirkconnell International Airport which operates domestic flights to Grand Cayman and Little Cayman cities.


By Sea:

George Town Port is the main port in the country which receives the cruises from the Caribbean, North America, Central America and European countries regularly.


By Road:

Cayman Islands have well developed road transportation system within the country and bus and cycles are the major mode of transportation in the country.


Where to Stay in Cayman Islands?

Cayman Island is located in Central America and there are some of the best hotels in the country which offers some of the world class accommodation facilities to tourists visiting the country throughout the year with world class facilities and hospitality. Some of the renowned hotels in Cayman Islands are listed here below:

  • Grand Cayman Beach Suites Hotel
  • The Reef Resort
  • Sunshine Suites Resort Grand Cayman
  • Marriott Beach Resort Grand Cayman
  • Comfort Seven Mile Beach Suites Grand Cayman
  • Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort
  • Holiday Inn Resort Grand Cayman
  • Ocean Paradise
  • Britannia Villas
  • Northern Lights Condos
  • Caribbean Club
  • Spotts Beach Houses
  • Morritts Tortuga Club and Resort
  • Sunset Cove

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