Tarma Tourist Places to Visit in Tarma, Peru, America

Tarma Tourist Places to Visit in Tarma, Peru, America

Tarma (‘Santa Ana de la Ribera de Tarma’) is the capital city of the province of Tarma in Junín Region of Peru situated at a maximum altitude of 3,053 meters. It is popularly called as the ‘Pearl of the Andes’ and the ‘City of the Flowers’.


Geography of Tarma:

Tarma is geographically placed at 11°25′11″ S 75°41′27″ W, around 100 km northwest of Huancayo (regional capital) and 305 km northeast of Lima (national capital).


History of Tarma:

According the archeological evidences, Tarma was inhabited by the prominent civilization ‘Inca Culture’ in the past. Tarma was initially founded in the middle of the 16th century by the Spanish, as of historical sources and the Town Hall of Tarma was established in 1785. Tarma achieved province status on 31 December, 1855.


Connectivity to Tarma:

Francisco Carle Airport or Jauja Airport is the closest airport to Tarma, situated around 60 km southwest of the midpoint of Tarma city. LC Perú caters Jauja Airport with scheduled flights to Lima.

There are taxis available at the airport and tourists can also use bus or rental car from airport to Tarma.

Buses take around 3 hours from Huancayo and from Lima 6 hours, costs S/.25.00. Minivans are also useful from Lima, costing S/.40.00.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Tarma:

Tarma is the site of many grand festivals such as Festival del Huayco tarmeño (November) and Festival of Flowers which is the most popular event of Tarma held in the month of September, participated by people from all around the country.

The dishes like Pachamanca, Trucha and Picante de Cuy are very much popular in Tarma. The major restaurants in Tarma are listed below:

  • Los Mejorcito de Tarma
  • Hot N’ Tender
  • El Gallito De Oro
  • El Pollo Stop
  • Salón Odria

Shops range from handicraft product centres to branded items showrooms.


Things to do in Tarma:

  • Archeological sites
  • Museums
  • Park
  • Hiking

Tourist Attractions in Tarma:

Pampa Hermosa National Sanctuary:

Located in Huasahuasi District in Tarma province about 40 km from Tarma city, Pampa Hermosa National Sanctuary was established in 2005 with an area of 9,575.09 ha. It also covers other areas of Junin region, is home to a rare native wildlife including female Oncilla.


Gruta de Huagapo:

Gruta de Huagapo is considered as the largest cave in Peru featuring typical ancient paintings from the Inca era. It is placed in the proximity of Palcamayo town around 27 km from the city of Tarma.


Museo de la Cultura:

Museo de la Cultura is a museum exhibiting the culture of Tarma. Entrance is free and guided tour is offered.


Other places of interest near Tarma include:

  • Wilcashmarca
  • Tarmatampu
  • Waskhaqucha
  • Yanamarca
  • Pintish Machay
  • Kutumarca
  • Gruta de Pacupa Huain
  • Plaza de Armas
  • Santa Ana Cathedral
  • Semana Santa
  • Ancashmarca
  • Laguna de Cocon


Ideal time to visit Tarma:

The best time to travel Tarma is during the months between May and September.


Accommodation options in Tarma:

Tarma is home to numerous reputed hotels with facilities such as private bathrooms, cable TV, internet, room service, hot water and continental breakfast. Many of the hotels conduct tours other than facilities and services. List of the reputed hotels in Tarma include:

  • LP Los Portales Tarma
  • Hospedaje Ecolgico La Florida
  • Hacienda Santa Maria
  • Hotel Normandie
  • Hospedaje Residencial El Dorado
  • Hospedaje El Picaflor Tarmeno
  • Peru Andino Guest House
  • Hostal El Marquez
  • Hotel Los Balcones
  • Posada Junco y Capuli
  • Posada de Santa Maria
  • Hotel Loma Verde
  • Oscar’s Hostal
  • Hotel Las Balsas
  • Hostal Los Jardines

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