Best Tourist Places to Visit in Anguilla, America

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Anguilla, America

Anguilla is a British overseas territory located in Leeward Islands in Caribbean, to the east of Puerto Rico and north of Saint Martin. It is made up of 26 km long and 5 km wide Anguilla Island and many smaller islands and cays. English is the official language, East Caribbean Dollar is the currency and The Valley is the capital of Anguilla.


Geography of Anguilla:

Anguilla is geographically positioned between 18.22723° N latitude and 63.04899° W longitude with a total area of 90 sq. km.


History of Anguilla:

There is no specific theory about the origin of name Anguilla and it is believed that, Anguilla was derived from ‘eel’, a fish species.

The Amerindians were the indigenous people of Anguilla; later Anguilla was inhabited by many other migrants from South America. The English Empire conquered the land of Anguilla in 1650 and after the rule of so many years; they officially made it as an overseas territory of the British in the year 1980.


How to reach Anguilla?

Entire Anguillan is served by Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport located in The Valley, the capital of Anguilla. This airport was earlier known as Anguilla Wallblake Airport and it has flights to almost all of the British overseas territories (islands) including Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Tobago and many other provinces in the US Virgin Islands. Air services are catered by Fly Montserrat, Anguilla Air Services, Rainbow International Airlines and Trans Anguilla Airways.

Boat services are available from St. Martin and many others nearby islands to Anguilla. Last ferry of the day departs St. Martin at 7:00PM and Anguilla at 6:15PM.

Tourists can hire cars, bikes, and mopeds from Hertz and Avis to move within the island.


Food and Shopping in Anguilla:

Natives of Anguilla belong to diverse Christian communities. English is widely spoken language and Spanish and Chinese are also communicated by the migrants.

Tourists can purchase a variety of artifacts, hand painted T-shirts and paintings in the following shops:

  • ALAK Art Galley
  • Anguilla Arts and Crafts Shop
  • Boutique Blu
  • Caribbean Silk Screen

The major restaurants in Anguilla are:

  • The Pumphouse
  • Gwen’s Reggae Grill
  • Le Bon Pain
  • B & D’s BBQ


Things to do in Anguilla:

  • Wallblake House Tour
  • The Sandy Ground Village Tour
  • Conchshell Environmental Tours
  • Anguilla National Trust Heritage Tour
  • Anguilla Access Tours


Places of interest in Anguilla:

The Wallblake house:

The Wallblake house is the only remaining plantation house of Anguilla, initially built in 1787 and renovated in 2003. It is situated next to St. Gerard’s Roman Catholic Church and is open for tourists from 10AM–2PM on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The Entrance fee is $5.


The Heritage Collection:

The Heritage Collection is a museum is an ideal place to know about Anguilla’s history and culture of the Arawak Indians to present Anguilla. Tourists can see different colorful photographs, documents and artifacts here.


Other places of interest in Anguilla are:

  • The Old Court House
  • Sandy Ground
  • Sandy Hill Bay
  • Maundy’s Bay
  • Meads Bay
  • Old Salt Factory and Pumphouse
  • Big Spring Heritage Site
  • Ebenezer Methodist Church
  • Crocus Hill
  • Temenos Golf Club
  • Play-A-Round Mini-Golf Park


Best time to visit Anguilla:

May is generally the best month to visit Anguilla and November is also good, November is just starting to gear up for the holiday season (Christmas).


Accommodation options in Anguilla:

Anguilla is heaven on the earth with many spectacular beaches, historical sites and world class resorts allied with amazing hospitality services. Guest houses are cheaper options that offer all the basic and some upgraded facilities as well. List of prominent resorts and hotels in Anguilla include:

  • Frangipani Beach Resort
  • Meads Bay Beach Villas
  • Carimar Beach Club
  • Shoal Bay Villas
  • Turtle’s Nest Beach Resort
  • CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa
  • Viceroy Anguilla
  • Anacaona Boutique Hotel
  • Cap Juluca
  • Sheriva Villa Hotel
  • Royal Palms
  • Bellavista Villas
  • Blue Waters Beach Apartments
  • Sydans Apartments and Villas
  • Paradise Cove Resort
  • Anguilla Great House Beach Resort

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