Nevis Tourist Places to Visit in Nevis, Saint Kitts and Nevis, America

Nevis Tourist Places to Visit in Nevis, Saint Kitts and Nevis, America

Nevis is an island in Saint Kitts and Nevis is the part of the Leeward Islands chain of the West Indies. Capital City of Nevis Island is Charlestown and island covers an area of 93 square kilometers (35.9 square miles). Nevis economy depends on tourism and financial services and there are five parishes on the island by name Saint George Gingerland, Saint James Windward, Saint John Figtree, Saint Paul Charlestown and Saint Thomas Lowland. Nevis coordinates are 17.1500° N, 62.5833° W.


History of Nevis:

Nevis was inhabited by indigenous people before the establishment of the island by Columbus in the year 1493. Spain colony was established on the island and sugar cane production was introduced in the territory. Nevis became the part of Saint Kitts and Anguilla in the year 1882, hospital, schools and church were established on the island.


Places to Visit in Nevis:

Botanical Garden of Nevis:

Botanical Garden of Nevis is one of the best attractions of the island has 4-hectares (10-acre) of rainforest flora grow in recreated Mayan ruins on a hillside location overlooking the Caribbean.


Fothergill’s Nevisian Heritage Village:

Fothergill’s Nevisian Heritage Village exhibits the historic structure of an old sugar mill is the main attraction of the village and there are other attractions in the city as well.


Museum of Nevis History:

Museum of Nevis History is situated in Caribbean Georgian stone building near the water at the north end of Charlestown the exhibits numerous and rich, diverse, and attractive, basing not only the history, but also the pre-history, anthropology, geology, and natural history of the isle.


Cottle Church:

Cottle Church was constructed by Thomas Cottle and complete structure of the church was completed in the year 1824, was the primary cathedral on the Nevis Isle and shortly cathedral was destroyed, but re-constructed in the 19th century. The church is visited by local populaces throughout the year.


Other Places to Visit in Nevis:

  • Christina Memorial Plaque
  • Pinney’s Beach
  • Hermitage Plantation
  • The Eva Wilkin Art Gallery


Best time to Visit Nevis:

Nevis faces tropical rainforest climate with temperatures averaging 27 degree Celsius all through the year and best time to visit Nevis is from December to March.


How to Reach Nevis?

By Air:

Nevis Island is served by Vance W. Amory International Airport located in New Castle and the airport is one of the primary airport in the Nevis Island operates national and international flights to Saint Thomas, San Juan, Tortola, Dominica, Saint Kitts, Anguilla, Antigua and Sint Maarten and Montserrat.


By Sea:

Cades Bay port is one of the ports on the island serves with domestic ferries to Saint Kitts Island frequently.


By Road:

Nevis Island has well linked to all the cities and towns and public buses are operated by private organizations operates from Charlestown to other towns in the island.


Where to Stay in Nevis?

Hotels at Nevis aim at offering the best world class services to the tourists. The interiors of hotel rooms in Nevis are exclusively adorned and facilities such as close circuit TV, sauna, free Wi-Fi, etc is available in hotels across Nevis. There are budget hotels, three star and five star hotels in Nevis with room rents beginning from $ 30 to $ 200. List of names of hotels in Nevis is mentioned here below:

  • Nelson Spring Beach Villas Spa
  • Royal St. Kitts Hotel & Casino
  • Inn at Cades Bay
  • Occidental Allegro St Kitts
  • Frigate Bay Resort
  • Ottley’s Plantation Inn
  • Rock Haven Bed & Breakfast
  • Bird Rock Beach Hotel
  • Sealofts On The Beach
  • Ocean Terrace Inn
  • Timothy Beach Resort
  • Montpelier Plantation & Beach

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