Places to Visit in Matanzas, Cuba, America

Places to Visit in Matanzas, Cuba, America

Matanzas is the second largest province in the country Cuba. Matanzas is home to largest tourist resorts and finest beaches in Cuba and the capital of Matanzas provinces is Matanzas City which is renowned for its poets, culture and Afro Cuban folklore. Economy of Matanzas depends on agriculture, industries and tourism and is also called as the City of Bridges. Matanzas is surrounded by Santa Cruz Del Norte, Jaruco, Aguacate, Madruga, Cidra, Limonar, Cardenas, Varadero, and San Miguel de Los Banos and located at the distance of 102 kilometers from Havana, capital of Cuba. Coordinates of Matanzas are 23.0511° N, 81.5753° W.


History of Matanzas:

Matanzas was established in the year 1693 which became the major region for sugar production during the colonial period. Slaves from Africa were imported to Matanzas during the 19th century to work in the sugar industry. In the year 1898, the city became the first sight for Spanish American War and in the year 1900 to 1950, the Portuguese established the colony in the Matanzas.


Places to Visit in Matanzas:

Varadero Beach:

Varadero is the Cuba’s finest beach offers more than 20 kilometers of amazing white powdery sands covered with crystal clear warm turquoise waters. Many consider it to be the most beautiful beach in the world.


Museo Historico Provincial de Matanzas:

Museo Historico Provincial de Matanzas was constructed between 1835 and 1838 for the Del Junco family and converted to the museum in the year 1980 which is the best example of Matanzas 19th century architecture.


Sauto Theater:

Sauto Theater is the landmark of the Matanzas city which was opened in the year 1863 named after Teatro Esteban. Theater attracts world renowned performers and artists.


Cathedral of San Carlos De Borromeo:

Cathedral of San Carlos De Borromeo was made up of small leaves of the royal palm but was destroyed by a storm and stone construction of the church was started in the year 1693 but finished in the year 1735 and was opened to the public from the year 1750.


Other Places to visit in Matanzas:

  • Boating on the Canimar River
  • Matanzas bridges
  • Casino Espanol
  • Necropolis de San Carlos Borromeo
  • Quinta de Bellamar
  • Playa Larga Beach
  • Playa Giron Beach
  • Zapata


Best time to Visit Matanzas:

Matanzas faces tropical savanna climate with rainy summer and dry winter. Summer season is from May to October and winter season is from November to April. Best time to visit Matanzas is from December to March.


How to Reach Matanzas?

Matanzas is well connected by several national highways which pass through Matanzas making it easily accessible by road. The capital city Havana is approx 100 kilometers from Matanzas and there are plenty of train services available from Matanzas to Havana very frequently. Tourists can also take car or cycle to travel from Matanzas to nearby sight-seeing places. The nearest airport is the Juan Gualberto Gómez Airport located about 40 kilometers from Matanzas which has direct flight connections to many countries in Europe, South, Central and North America, Africa, Mexico, Canada and Caribbean.


Where to Stay in Matanzas?

Matanzas has some of the best hotels in Cuba catering to the accommodation necessities of the visitors coming to the place all round the year. The hotels offers some of the world class facilities like spa, sauna, hot water spring bath, steam bath, serve breakfast to hotel mates, serve exotic Cuban cuisines and dishes, 24 hours help desk, facilities for handicapped guests, welcome lobby and lounges, free internet with Wi-Fi connectivity etc. List of prominent hotels in Matanzas is as follows:

  • Hotel Melia Marina Varadero
  • Casa Marianela y Luis
  • Horizontes Villa Guama
  • La Villa Sonada Restaurant
  • Hotetur Palma Real Hotel
  • Barcelo Solymar Hotel
  • Club Amigo Tropical Hotel
  • Iberostar Playa Alameda Hotel
  • Mercure Cuatro Palmas Hotel
  • Gran Caribe club Villa Cuba Resort
  • Arenas Doradas Hotel Varadero
  • Sirenis La Salina Varadero Beach Resort

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