Places to Visit in Filadelfia, Paraguay, America

Places to Visit in Filadelfia, Paraguay, America

Filadelfia is a city and the capital of Boqueron department in Paraguay. Filadelfia is located in the western part of the country in the centre of Fernheim Colony and the region is dissimilar from rest of the country due to its isolated location and harsh environment. Filadelfia has its own rules and regulation which will not come under the government of Paraguay and Mennonite Fernheim Cooperative operates all the services like hospital, schools, supermarkets, infrastructure developments and business centers and many other facilities and all the families in the town are the members of the cooperative and according the cooperative rules, 10% of the earning should be submitted and in return they will provide all the facilities in the town and discount for the members of the cooperative.

Filadelfia is surrounded by Mariscal Estgarribia, Neuland Colony and Loma Plata and situated at the distance of 460 kilometers from Asuncion, capital of Paraguay. Coordinates of Filadelfia are 22.3400° S, 60.0300° W.


History of Filadelfia:

Filadelfia was established by Russian Mennonites in the year 1930 who escaped from the Soviet Union. Filadelfia region was divided during the Second World War because few German colonists supported the Nazis.


Food and Shopping in Filadelfia:

Filadelfia hosts few restaurants and hotels in the town which provides some best cuisines at very low cost. They provide cuisines like Remi Pizza, Calle Unruh and authentic and traditional German and Spanish cuisines and buffet are available in most of the hotels. There is a cooperative supermarket in the town from where tourists can buy some of the basic and daily needs.


Places to Visit in Filadelfia:

Jakob Unger Museum:

Jakob Unger Museum is positioned in the Avenida Hindenburg area close to Florida Hotel in Filadelfia. Museum is one of the smallest museums in the town which can only be visited with Socio interest and showcases few artifacts and culture of the town.


Haushalts Museum:

Haushalts Museum is a tourism office and a museum. Haushalts Museum exhibits the artifacts of inhabitants and the history of the region and there is a description of Chaco War which took place near the town.


Other Places to visit in and around Filadelfia:

  • Visit the Park
  • Visit the streets of Solid German Architecture


Best time to Visit Filadelfia:

Filadelfia experiences average temperature of 25° Celsius with hot and humid climate during summer and winter season is mild. Best time to visit Filadelfia is between May to August.


How to Reach Filadelfia?

Filadelfia is connected through Filadelfia Airport located at the distance of 4 kilometers from center of the town caters with domestic flights to Asuncion city and Asuncion airport serves with international flights.

Bus terminal is located on the Calle Chaco Boreal which operates regular bus services to Asuncion, Loma Plata, Mariscal Estigarriba and Neuland cities and tourists can hire taxi or motorbikes are available for rent.


Where to Stay in Filadelfia?

Filadelfia is sited in remote location and there are few hotels in the town which offers best accommodation to the tourists and restaurants close to the hotels and provides some of the best amenities like air condition, laundry, internet service, heaters, ironing services and few others. Some of the hotels in Filadelfia are listed here below:

  • Hotel Florida
  • Hotel Golondrina
  • Hotel Las Delphines

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