Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Magdalena, Argentina, America

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Magdalena, Argentina, America

Magdalena is a town situated in Buenos Aires Province in Argentina belonging to Magdalena Partido, about 50 km from the provincial capital, La Plata and 100 km from the country capital, Buenos Aires. Other settlements coming under Magdalena Partido along with Magdalena are Vieytes, Atalaya and General Mansilla.


Geography of Magdalena:

Magdalena is geographically located between 35°05′ S latitude and 57°31′ W longitude at an altitude of 21 meters.


History of Magdalena:

Magdalena was founded in the year 1611, known for its historical structures including the Parish of Santa María Magdalena, The Italianate City Hall and Teatro Español. Parque Costero del Sur is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, located in the vicinity of Magdalena.


How to reach Magdalena?

Magdalena is served by La Plata Airport which is situated in the city of La Plata, around 45 km away from Magdalena.

Ministro Pistarini International Airport is the closest international airport to Magdalena, situated about 130 km from the midpoint of Magdalena with connections with the major African, American, European and Asian cities such as Istanbul, Johannesburg, Frankfurt, New York, Atlanta, Panama City, Bogotá, Mexico City, Madrid, Mendoza and Miami.

There are regular buses running between Magdalena and Buenos Aires city and also tourists can use taxi or rental cars for comfortable journey.


Food and Shopping in Magdalena:

List of best restaurants near Magdalena inlcude:

  • Restaurant del Club Atenas
  • Akari Sushi
  • Restaurante Don Quijote
  • Ostaria Valtellinese
  • La Bicicleteria
  • Confiteria Ritz

Magdalena is home to many traditional style shops as well as modern shops and retail outlets.


Things to do in Magdalena:

  • Visiting Park
  • Shopping
  • Hiking


Places of interest in Magdalena:

The Parish of Santa María Magdalena:

Santa María Magdalena Parish is the historical identity of Magdalena, consecrated in the year 1776 and the current structure of the parish was opened in 1860. This creamy colored building is great to watch.


The Italianate City Hall:

The City Hall was designed with the classical Italianate style of architecture by Pedro Cavalli and was finalized in the year 1877. Nice surrounding environment.


Parque Costero del Sur:

Situated on the right bank of the Rio de la Plata, Parque Costero del Sur or South Seaside Park was earlier the location of El Ancla pre-Columbian settlement. It gained a place in UNESCO World Heritage Site list in 1984.


Other places of interest in Magdalena include:

  • The Teatro Español
  • Catedral de la Plata
  • Museo de Ciencias Naturales de La Plata
  • Museo de la Plata
  • Teatro Argentino
  • Museo del Automovil y Ramos Generales “Coleccion Rau”
  • Teatro Municipal Coliseo Podesta
  • Republica de los Ninos
  • Pasaje Dardo Rocha
  • Visitas a Iglesias
  • Pasaje Rodrigo
  • Visitas a Museos
  • Visitas a Edificios Públicos
  • Paseos Al Aire Libre
  • Natural History Museum of La Plata


Best time to visit Magdalena:

Generally the beginning and ending months of the year will be best to visit Magdalena.


Accommodation options in Magdalena:

There are few prominent hotels in Magdalena, so tourists can find hotels of La Plata (around 50 km from Magdalena) for best hospitality services. The major hotels in and around Magdalena are as follows:

  • Los Charitos (Magdalena)
  • Corregidor Hotel
  • Apart Hotel Via 51
  • San Marco Hotel
  • Hotel Argentino La Plata
  • Hotel del Sol
  • Cooperativa Pipinas Viva Holel
  • La Plata Hotel
  • Hotel del Rey
  • Hotel Cristal
  • Benevento Hotel
  • Hostel del Bosque
  • Saint James Hotel
  • Hostel La Comarca
  • UNICO Eco Hostel Boutique
  • Frankville Hostel & Intercultural Club

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