Places to Visit in Tingo Maria, Peru, America

Places to Visit in Tingo Maria, Peru, America

Tingo Maria is the capital city of the Leoncio Prado Province in the region of Huánuco in Peru geographically positioned between 9°17′43″ S latitude and 75°59′51″ W longitude, around 100 km northeast of the regional capital, Huánuco and 460 km northeast of the national capital, Lima.

Tingo Maria serves as the headquarters of the National University of the Forest and Parque Nacional de Tingo María is situated in the vicinity of Tingo Maria.


Geography Tingo Maria:

Tingo Maria is positioned at the confluence of the rivers of the Monzón and the Huallaga at an elevation of 2,204 feet.


History of Tingo Maria:

Tingo Maria didn’t have road connection with neighboring cites until the development of the Montaña Road in 1936. It was one of the major coffee producing regions in Peru during the middle of the 20th century.


How to reach Tingo Maria?

Tingo Maria has its own airport situated 4 km away from the city centre, operating flights to and from Lima and Huánuco, served by LC Perú.

Tingo Maria is located around 95 km from Alférez FAP David Figueroa Fernandini Airport in Huánuco.

The Federico Basadre is the highway that connects Tingo Maria with Lima and other neighboring cities.

Buses are common in the city, tourists can also use taxi or moto taxis for both short and long distances.


Food and Shopping in Tingo Maria:

Tingo Maria is a pleasant city housing many natural as well as man-made attractions welcoming plenty of nature lovers from all around the world. Other than attractions, Tingo Maria is also equally renowned for its traditional style food corners with typical Peruvian mouth-watering food items and soups and many restaurants also serve guests with Italian, India, Chinese and Mexican cuisine with lots of love and care.

Shops are plenty and most of the major shops accept cards other than cash. Wooden crafts and cotton clothes are very famous in Tingo Maria.


Things to do in Tingo Maria:

  • Hiking
  • Internet
  • Shopping
  • Day tour


Tourist Attractions in Tingo Maria:


Tingo Maria National Park:

Tingo Maria National Park is the first preference of the tourists who visit Tingo Maria. With an area of 180 sq. km, the park is situated in the proximity of the city of Tingo Maria home to Owl Cave and a mountain range, called ‘The Sleeping Beauty’. The park was established on May 14, 1965, maintained by SERNANP and the UNAS.


The National University of the Forest:

The headquarters of the National University of the Forest is located in Tingo Maria with the general facilities, 7 faculties and a typical botanical park.



Located around 100 km from Tingo Maria, Kotosh is an archaeological site home to the Temple of the Crossed Hands.


Other places of interest near Tingo Maria include:

  • Waywash Mountain Range
  • El Sira Communal Reserve
  • San Sebastián Church
  • Boqueron del Padre Abad
  • El Rincon Ingles
  • Urubamba River


Ideal time to visit Tingo Maria:

Tingo Maria can be visited between the months of July and September.


Accommodation options in Tingo Maria:

Most of the Tingo Maria’s hotels are placed near Tingo Maria National Park offering world class facilities and services. The major facilities offered by the hotels Tingo Maria are doctor on call, airport shuttle, 24 hour room service and internet connectivity.  The prominent hotels in and around Tingo Maria are listed below:

  • Hotel Oro Verde
  • Madera Verde Tourist Hotel
  • Eco Albergue Villa Jennifer
  • Villa Jennifer” Farm & Lodge
  • Santuario Healing
  • Hotel Imperial
  • Hotel Nueva York
  • Real Hotel
  • Grand Hotel Huanuco
  • Grima Hotel
  • Casa Hacienda Shismay
  • Hotel Cuzco
  • Gran Hotel Confort
  • Hotel Trapiche Suites

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