Salta Tourist Places to Visit in Salta, Argentina, America

Salta Tourist Places to Visit in Salta, Argentina, America

Salta is the capital city of Salta Province located in the northwest part of Argentina at an altitude of 1152 meters. The major identities of Salta include the Colonial Hotel, the Province State Theatre and the Church of Saint Francis.


Geography of Salta:

Placed in the Lerma Valley, Salta coordinates with 24°47′ S latitude and 65°25′ W longitude. It is situated about 1480 km from Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.


History of Salta:

The Spanish conquistador, Hernando de Lerma was the founder of Salta, founded on April 16, 1582. With the entry of Spanish, Italian and Arab immigrants during the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, Salta became one of the multicultural cities of Argentina. It was also a centre of attraction during the Argentine War of Independence as a military tactical point between the cities of Perú and the Argentine.


How to reach Salta?

The Martín Miguel de Güemes Airport serves Salta with frequent flights to Tucumán, Jujuy, Córdoba, Iguazu, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Buenos Aires and many other domestic and international locations. It is located around 6 km away from the midpoint of the city.

The major airlines that serve Salta are LAN Airlines, Andes Líneas Aéreas and Aerolíneas Argentinas.

Buses are frequent; it takes around 20 hours to reach Buenos Aires from Salta, costing 500 pesos.

Local buses cost 1 peso to get around and Taxi charge 5 pesos per person.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Salta:

The April Culture Festival is the main event celebrated in Salta which features handcrafted exposition and different cultural performances.

The major shopping options in Salta are:

  • El Rincon del Carpincho
  • Objetos de agrado
  • Balcarce Arts and Crafts Fair

List of prominent restaurants in Salta include:

  • Doña Lola
  • El Solar del Convento
  • El Buen Gusto Empanadas
  • El Palacio De La Pizza


Places of interest in Salta:

Cerro San Bernardo:

Cerro San Bernardo is a hill measuring at a height of 1458 meters in the east of the city. There is cable car offered to reach the summit of the hill that goes from Parque San Martin and costs 10 pesos per way. Tourists can also reach by foot, taking around 30 minutes. Be careful.


Museo de Arqueología de Alta Montaña:

Museo de Arqueología de Alta Montaña, simply MAAM is a museum displaying the detection of the three incas ‘Llullaillaco Children’. Admission fee is 40 pesos and the museum is open from 11AM-7:30PM from Tuesday-Sunday.


The Church of Saint Francis:

The Church of Saint Francis is located within the city. This mammoth structure is great to watch during night with light decoration. Must see.


Other places of interest near Salta include:

  • San Bernardo Hill
  • Museo Antropológico
  • Pajcha
  • Tren a las Nubes
  • Museo El Tribuno Guillermo Pajerrito Velarde
  • Province State Theatre
  • Colonial Cabildo



Best time to visit Salta:

From October to December and April to June is the ideal time to travel Salta.


Accommodation options in Salta:

Salta boasts all the sorts of accommodation options such as hostel, hotel, service apartments and lodges as well. Price and tariff differ from hotel to hotel, generally budget hotels charge around $45 USD per night. The major hotels in Salta are as follows:

  • Legado Mitico Salta
  • Kkala Boutique Hotel
  • Hotel La Candela
  • Alejandro I Hotel International Salta
  • Hotel del Virrey
  • Hotel del Antiguo Convento
  • House of Jasmines – Estancia de Charme
  • Casa Real Hotel
  • Delvino Boutique Hotel
  • Hotel del Dique
  • Posada de las Nubes
  • Ankara Suites
  • Design Suites Salta
  • Hotel Almeria
  • Ayres de Salta Hotel
  • Hotel Posada Del Sol

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