Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Natal, Brazil, America

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Natal, Brazil, America

Natal is situated on the Atlantic Ocean at the mouth of Potengi River is the capital and largest city of Rio Grande Do Norte state in Brazil. Natal is famous among the tourists for its beautiful beaches, historical monuments, parks, and forests, is visited by tourists from all over the world. Tourism is the main industry in the city followed by oil production, fishing, cultivation of cash crops and few industries are situated in the city. Natal covers an area of 65.750 square miles (170.298 square kilometers) and situated at an elevation of 100 feet (30 meters) above the sea level. Coordinates of Natal are 5.7833° S, 35.2000° W.


History of Natal:

Natal was first founded by European navigators in 1501, settled by native Potiguar tribes but in the year 1597, French pirates established the commercial activities with the native population. In the year 1598, fort of the Holy Kings was constructed and in 1599, village was established outside the fort but the areas were captured by Dutch forces between the years 1633 to 1654. Salt and petroleum industry was established in the Natal and major trade is carried out to Europe.


Places to Visit in Natal:

Natal Aquarium:

Natal Aquarium is situated between Oceanica Avenue and the beach and operated by a family of biologists and environmentalist exhibits more than 60 marine species and best place to know about aquatic animals.


Forte dos Reis Magos:

Forte dos Reis Magos was constructed in the year 1598 to defend from French pirates. It is a star shaped fortress and the oldest and renowned historical fort in the city.


Dunas state Ecological Park:

Dunas state Ecological Park spans an area of 1,172 hectares of land is surrounded by numerous floras and fauna that are of the Atlantic Forest and the second largest park in the city.


 Ponta Negra:

Ponta Negra is located at the distance of 12 kilometers from heart of the city is the renowned beach visited by thousands of tourists throughout the year and tourists can find lots of shops, restaurants, bars and night clubs along the beach.


Other Places to visit in Natal:

  • Praia dos Artistas
  • Centro de Turismo de Nata
  • Solar Bela Vista
  • Praia do Meio
  • Palácio Felipe Camarao
  • Praia do Forte
  • Rua Chile
  • Parque da Cidade
  • Ponte Newton Navarro
  • Genipabu
  • Barreira do Inferno
  • Via Costeira


Best time to Visit Natal:

Natal experiences tropical climate with wet and dry season. Dry season is from September to January and wet season is from February to October and best time to visit Natal is from September to January.


How to Reach Natal?

By Air:

Natal has Augusto Severo International Airport lies at the distance of 15 kilometers in neighboring town Parnamirim and numerous direct flights from major Brazilian cities and handles international flights as well.


By Road:

Natal is linked by BR-101 federal highway from south of Brazil and BR-304 and BR-226 connecting Natal from other cities. Buses are the cheapest mode of transportation in and around the city and lots of taxis and buggy in the city are used by the locals.


By Sea:

Natal is served by Port of Natal located at the distance of 3 kilometers from center of the city serves with cold storage cargo ships for fruits, fish and shrimp and has direct connectivity to Europe.


Where to Stay in Natal?

Hotels in natal are located along the beautiful beaches, close to historical monuments and shopping centers, makes the hotels perfect accommodation for those aiming to spend memorable holidays in Natal. Hotels in Natal offer facilities like finest shopping, dining, shows/performances. Natal hotels has normal rooms and suites ideal for families; room facilities include cable television, telephones, hair dryers, mini bars, meeting rooms, gym, internet service, spa, sauna and 24 hour room service. Some of the major hotels in Natal are listed below:

  • Serhs Natal Grand Hotel
  • Piramide Natal Resort & Convention
  • Holiday Inn Express Natal
  • Ocean Palace Beach Resort & Bungalows
  • Pestana Natal Beach Resort
  • Hotel Parque da Costeira
  • Praiamar Natal Hotel & Convention
  • InterCity Premium Natal
  • Golden Tulip Interatlantico
  • Imira Plaza Hotel
  • Marsol Beach Resort
  • Rifoles Praia Hotel and Resort

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