Tourist Places to Visit in Salt Cay, Turks and Caicos Islands, America

Tourist Places to Visit in Salt Cay, Turks and Caicos Islands, America

Salt Cay is an island belonging to Turks Islands in the Turks and Caicos Islands, an overseas territory of the British. Balfour Town is the major settlement as well as the administrative center of the Salt Cay district covering the whole population of the district. Salt Cay is specially known for whale watching activity between the months of December and April.


Geography of Salt Cay:

Salt Cay coordinates with 21°19′30″ N latitude and 71°12′30″ W longitude and covers an area of 6.7442 sq. km.


History of Salt Cay:

Salt Cay was visited by Spanish conquistador-explorer Juan Ponce de León in 1512 along with other neighboring islands and by Bermudians in 1673. The British conquered Salt Cay and other Turks islands in the year 1766.


Getting Salt Cay:

Salt Cay is served by its own airport catered by Caicos Express Airways with scheduled flights to and from Providenciales International Airport. It costs about $150 per person for round trip.

There are ferry services running between Salt Cay and Grand Truck, only three days of the week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday), operated by Salt Cay Community Ferry.

Golf carts charge around $80/day including gas and two useful travel options to move within the island include:

  • Salt Cay Rentals
  • Pirates Hideaway


Food and Shopping in Salt Cay:

Most of the famous restaurants of Salt Cay are located in Balfour Town and they serve guests with both traditional and international cuisines. Here is the list of major food corners in Salt Cay:

  • Coral Reef Bar and Grill
  • Porter’s Island Thyme
  • Airport Café
  • Pat’s Place


Salt Cay doesn’t houses large shopping centers but small shops offer a variety of traditional handicrafts, jewels, gift items and common food and grocery items. A list of prominent shops in Salt Cay is:

  • Splash Boutique
  • Netty’s
  • Salt Cay Salt Works
  • Beachcombers – Unique Gifts from the Sea
  • Island Shop


Things to do on Salt Cay:

  • Crystal Seas Adventures
  • Papa J Tours
  • Salt Cay Divers
  • Kayaking
  • Snorkeling
  • Diving


Places of interest in Salt Cay:

North Bay:

North Bay is the main beach on Salt Cay with swimming.


Northeast Point:

Northeast Point is a rocky beach, not ideal for swimming but perfect for beachcombing and shell collecting.


Balfour Town Beach:

Balfour Town Beach is sited at the northern end of the island. Many of island’s villas are situated along Balfour Town Beach.


Other places of interest in Salt Cay:

  • Long Bay
  • South District Beach
  • South Creek
  • South Point
  • South Bay
  • Grand Turk Lighthouse
  • Turks & Caicos National Museum
  • Long Beach
  • Gibbs Cay
  • Columbus Landfall National Park
  • MacDonald’s Arch
  • Black Forest
  • The Salt House
  • Her Majesty’s Prison
  • Conch World
  • Sand River Canyon


Best time to visit Salt Cay:

Between December and April will be the ideal time to visit Salt Cay for beach exploration and whale watching.


Accommodation options in Salt Cay:

Salt Cay has many cottages and villas to offer tourists who come from the different regions of the world. Some facilities offered by Salt Cay villas are beachfront dining, internet, pool, dry cleaning and additional facilities are bicycle, snorkel gear and breakfast. List of major villas and cottages in Salt Cay and Grand Trunk includes:

  • The Villas of Salt Cay
  • Twilight Zone Cottage
  • Genesis Beach House
  • Halfway House
  • Compass Rose Cottage
  • Charming House
  • Castaway Villa Salt
  • Cay Beach House
  • Tradewinds Villa
  • Purple Conch Cottage
  • Pirates Hideaway
  • Caribbaway on Long Bay Beach
  • Alexandra Resort & Spa
  • Sapphire Sunsets Beach Villa
  • Sunset Point Oceanfront Villa

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