Places to Visit in Rurrenabaque, Bolivia, America

Places to Visit in Rurrenabaque, Bolivia, America

Rurrenabaque is situated in the North of Bolivia country in the province of Jose Ballivian in Beni Department. Rurrenabaque is located on the east bank of the Beni River is popular among the international tourists due to its easy access to Madidi National Park. Rurrenabaque is surrounded by Reyes, San Buenaventura, San Borja and Palos Blancos and located at the distance of 1,111 kilometers from the capital of Bolivia, Sucre. Coordinates of Rurrenabaque are 14.4422° S, 67.5283° W.


Food and Shopping in Rurrenabaque:

Rurrenabaque is one of the popular tourism destinations in Bolivia country and lots of restaurants can be found in the town which serves world class cuisines range from Mexican, American, British, and Israeli. There are few shops in the town from where tourists can buy basic necessities.


Places to Visit in Rurrenabaque:

Madidi National Park:

Madidi National Park was established in the year 1995, it spans an area of 18,958 square kilometers and Madidi is one of the largest protected areas in the globe which offers ecological and cultural tour experience to tourists.


Tuichi River:

Tuichi River can be found in Madidi National Park in Rurrenabaque town streams from the rainforest and joins the Beni River and hiking, rafting, and fishing activities are organized for the tourists.


Jungle Tours:

Jungle Tours are organized by Tour operators in the town where tourist guides will explain about the properties of the different plants and trees in the Madidi National Park and tourists can spot some wild animals in the Jungle.


Other Places to visit in and around Rurrenabaque:

  • Riberalta
  • Casco Viejo
  • Loma Suarez
  • Loma Chuchini
  • Santa Ana of Yacuma
  • Suarez Lagoon


Best time to Visit Rurrenabaque:

Rurrenabaque experiences hot and humid climate characteristic of Amazonian cities and the winter season is from May to September and summer season is from October to April and best time to visit Rurrenabaque is from May to September.


How to Reach Rurrenabaque?

By Air:

Rurrenabaque Airport is located approx at the distance of 6 kilometers from Rurrenabaque town. Rurrenabaque Airport handles domestic flights to cities like La Paz and Trinidad and from Trinidad tourists can board the international flights.


By Road:

Tourists can board daily buses to and from La Paz, Riberalta, Coroico and Guayara Mirim city to Rurrenabaque town. To get around the town tourists can rent a car or shared taxis are available in the town.


Where to Stay in Rurrenabaque?

Rurrenabaque is renowned for eco tourism and hotels in the town are situated close to the national park and hotels are constructed in wonderful harmony with the natural surroundings and using materials of the area and rooms are used as base camp by tourists enjoying jungle adventures in the Madidi National Park. Hotels with Rurrenabaque offer facilities like laundry, fan, hot water, game room, TV room, Tourism information center, patio, and other services. Some of the hotels in Rurrenabaque are listed below:

  • Los Tucanes de Rurre Hotel
  • La Isla de los Tucanes
  • Madidi Jungle Eco Lodge
  • Caracoles Eco Lodge
  • Chalalan Albergue Ecologico
  • Oriental Hotel, Rurrenabaque
  • Tacuaral Ecolodge, Rurrenabaque
  • Hotel Safari, Rurrenabaque
  • Totoral Eco Lodge, Rurrenabaque
  • El Ambaibo Hotel, Rurrenabaque
  • Mapajo Ecolodge, Rurrenabaque
  • Hotel Berlin, Rurrenabaque

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