Tourist Places to Visit in Tezpur, Sonitpur, Assam, India

Tourist Places to Visit in Tezpur, Sonitpur, Assam, India

Tezpur is a well known city and the administrative headquarters of Sonitpur District in the Indian state of Assam. It lies on the banks of Brahmaputra River located about 177 km northeast of state capital city Dispur. Tezpur is positioned at 26.63° N latitude and 92.8° E longitude and is placed at a height of 48 meters from the mean level of sea.

Tea production is the main economy source of Tezpur and is home to units of Indian Army and Air force. Other than the tea gardens, Tezpur houses several top educational institutions all around the city namely Tezpur University, Tezpur Medical College, Darrang College and The Assam Valley School.


Etymology and history of Tezpur:-

The name of Tezpur originated by combination of two Sanskrit words like ‘Teza’ means ‘blood’ and ‘Pur’ means ‘City’. It was also called as ‘Sonitpur’ earlier.

Tezpur was ruled by Gupta Dynasty for so many years. During the British Period in India, British have developed some regions of the Tezpur strongly. Also Tezpur witnessed the World War II.


Culture and Food in Tezpur:-

Tezpur is considered as the cultural capital of Assam. Bihu Dance, Jhumur, Bagurumba and Sattriya are the popular dance styles of Tezpur.

Tezpur natives use rice in higher quantity in all the major dishes and rice beer is special drinkable item made with rice. The locals of Tezpur are the great lovers of non vegetarian food items like fish, mutton and pork. Juti logai kham, tenga, thekera are the major fish items available in Tezpur hotels. Jolpan, Pitha, Pitika and Poitabhat are the famous side dishes of Tezpur natives.


How to reach Tezpur?

Tezpur has good connectivity with all around the state by road and railway mode of transport. There are ample numbers of buses running between Tezpur and its nearby regions regularly, operated by both government and private organizations. Buses are easily accessible at Tezpur City Bus Stand and other local bus terminals.

Tezpur Railway Station is located 5 km away from the heart of Tezpur City. Tezpur has its own airport situated 9 km away from the city and is well connected with Kolkata and Guwahati cities. Also there are taxi and city buses available to reach airport and railway station.


Tourist places in Tezpur:-

Bura-Chapori Wildlife Sanctuary:-

Bura-Chapori Wildlife Sanctuary is located about 29 km from Tezpur City is situated on the banks of River Brahmaputra. It is spread over an area of 44.06 sq. km. This wildlife sanctuary is home to variety of animals like Asiatic buffalo, one horned rhinos, wild boar and civet cat. Also houses rich medicinal plants and vey tall trees.


Agnigarh is an ancient temple well known for its combined statue of Prince Aniruddha and Princess Usha. According to Hindu Mythology, it is believed that Agnigarh was constructed by renowned Asura King, Banasura. Agnigarh is surrounded by full of greenery and has a pleasant environment and gives a lovely feel to visitors.


Nameri National Park:-

Nameri National Park stretches over an area of 200 sq. km. is located in Sonitpur District about 34 km from Tezpur. It is packed with full of rich fauna like leopards, sambar, gaur, clouded leopard, tigers, elephant, jungle cat, mouse deer, Bengal fox.

The trees and plants present in Nameri National Park include zizypphus jujube, bombax ceiba, terculia villosa, nymphia, wichornia and enhydra flushians. The park opens from morning to evening. The entrance fee is Rs. 20/-.


Bhairabi Temple:-

Bhairabi Temple is devoted to Goddess Durga near Tezpur Town. This temple is well known for its holiness and its annual fair attracts devotees from all round the state.


Cole Park:-

Cole Park also called as Chitralekha Udyan is placed in the vicinity of Tezpur City. This park houses horse-shoe shaped lake, a restaurant, an open stage, and numerous natural walkways and well known for the painting and drawing competitions.


Other tourist attractions in Tezpur include:-

  • Bamuni Hills
  • Kalia Bhomora Setu
  • District Museum Tezpur
  • Nag-Sankar Temple
  • Ketakeshwar Dewal
  • Mahabhairab Temple
  • Kalia Bhomora Setu
  • Ouguri Hill
  • Rudrapada Temple
  • Trimurty Udyan


Best time to visit Tezpur:-

During the months between October and May is the ideal time to holiday Tezpur to enjoy the beauty of parks and a lake.


Accommodation Options in Tezpur:-

Hotels located in Tezpur are famous for their quality food of South India, North Indian and Chinese and good hospitality with top end facilities. Major hotels located in Tezpur are as follows:

  • Adityas Hotel Center Point
  • Hotel KRC Palace
  • Luit Hotel
  • Hotel KF
  • Hotel Royal Regency
  • Dhurba Hotel
  • Central Lodge
  • Parijat Hotel
  • Kanyapur Hotel
  • Anirudha Hotel
  • Blue Star Hotel
  • Pradyut Hotel
  • Basant Hotel
  • Grand City Hotel
  • Basumati Hotel

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