Surajgarh Tourist Places in Surajgarh, Jhunjhunun, Rajasthan, India

Surajgarh Tourist Places in Surajgarh, Jhunjhunun, Rajasthan, India

Surajgarh city is sighted on the Indian continent in Rajasthan state in the district of Jhunjhunun. The geographical coordinates puts the place at 28.320 N and 75.730 E. Surajgarh is 280 meter from the sea level. During the summer season the temperature ranges from 32 0C to 40 0C and in winter season the temperature ranges from 10 0C to 23 0C.

The month from September to March is the most preferred period in the year to visit Surajgarh.

History of Surajgarh

In the year 1730, Thakur Shardul Singh defeated the last ruler of the Nawab clan, Rohilla Khan and established his rule in the entire area. He had three queens and six sons. All the sons of Thakur Shardul Singh were great rulers. One of his sons died at an early age, so his property was divided among his five brothers. After the death of Thakur Shardul Singh, his sons created a tombstone in his rememberance.

People & Culture of Surajgarh

Surajgarh offers a rich and diverse culture, with people from all caste, religion and sect residing throughout the city. Rajasthani, Hindi and English are the languages spoken by the people in Surajgarh district, with Rajasthani being the local language.

Many festivals such Diwali, Holi etc., are celebrated in a grand way throughout Surajgarh city.

Food and Shopping at Surajgarh

Traditional food of Surajgarh consists of vegetables, rotis made from wheat and sweets. There are restaurants catering to continental and non-continental foods. One can spot shops on the street of Surajgarh selling picturesque paintings and amazing artifacts hand crafted from marble at a very reasonable price. Surajgarh is also famous for beautifully crafted silver jewelleries and artifacts.

Tourist Places in Surajgarh

There are a few places of interest in and around Surajgarh. The names of these places of interest are mentioned below

  • Birla Museum

This museum has great interest among science and technology enthusiasts.

  • BITS Pilani

Opened in the year 1964, Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) Pilani, was the first of its kind in the whole country India. The Birla’s family is the founders of this college.

  • Panchvati

This place is looked after by the Birla families. As per the Ramayana epic, this was one of the places where Lord Ram along with Sita and his brother lived in exile. It has now become a major tourist attraction spot.

  • Sharda Temple

Built in the 20th century by G. D Birla, freedom fighter and member of the great Birla family, it is located within the college of engineering. This temple is devoted to Goddess Saraswati.

  • Shiv Ganga

Located within the campus is this beautiful garden with circular canals and an idol of Lord Shiva placed exactly in the center.

Means of Commutation to Surajgarh

Surajgarh is well connected with the rest of the places in India through roadways, railways and airway. The place has very good public transport facilities.The distance of Surajgarh from some of the cities in Rajasthan and neighboring states are given below

  • Jaipur is located at a distance of 214 km
  • Kota is located at a distance of 446 km
  • Bikaner is located at a distance of 259 km
  • Jodhpur is located at a distance of 411 km
  • Jaisalmer is located at a distance of 590 km
  • Jhunjhunu is located at a distance of 43km
  • Udaipur is located at a distance of 592 km

The railway station is located in the vicinity of Surajgarh town. Other railway station close to Surajgarh are mentioned below along with their distance from the place

  • Chirawa railway station is located at a distance of 16km
  • Pilani railway station is located at a distance of 22 km

There are regular trains from Jaipur railway station to this station.

Surajgarh is also connected to the rest of the world via airways. The closest airport to Surajgarh along with their distance is mentioned below

  • Indira Gandhi International Airport is located at a distance of 182 km
  • Jaipur International Airport is located at a distance of 220 km

Accommodation Options at Surajgarh

To providing lodging facilities to tourists arriving at Surajgarh there are hotels such as three star and four star and heritage hotels with luxury and deluxe rooms priced at Rs. 3000/- per day. Various amenities such as car on hire, swimming pool, Wi-Fi, etc., are provided in these hotels at Surajgarh. One can also have a pleasant stay at Surajgarh in hotels renting rooms at Rs. 500/- per day. A list of names of hotels in Surajgarh are mentioned below

  • Surajgarh Fort
  • Hotel Castle Mandawa
  • Alsisar Mahal
  • The Piramal Haveli
  • Apani Dhani
  • Hotel Shekhawati
  • Hotel Mandawa Haveli
  • Jamuna Resort
  • Hotel Fresco Palace
  • Hotel Shiv Shekhawati
  • Hotel Roop Vilas Palace
  • The Grand Haveli & Resort
  • Paawana Haveli
  • Indra Vilas
  • Hotel Gaj Kesri

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