Mukundgarh Tourism

Mukundgarh Tourism

Preamble to Mukundgarh

Mukundgarh is town in Jhunjhunu district in the Indian state of Rajasthan and Mukundgarh was established by Thakur Mukund Singh Saheb, and the town was named after him. Mukundgarh is located at a normal altitude of 1148 feet (349 meters) above the sea level and populace of this region depend on agriculture for their living and Mukundgarh is located at the distance of 152 Kms from Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan. Pin code of Mukundgarh is 333705 and coordinates are 27.5735° N, 75.1385° E.

Tourism in Mukundgarh

Mukundgarh is an ideal travel attraction and tourists journey to the site to experience the rural ambiance of the place and also to get away from their busy life and to spend holiday time with family and friends. Mukundgarh is renowned for its forts that surround the town and tourists can come across various wall paintings, courtyard and unique architectures. Rajasthan is rich is culture and tradition and tourists can taste the delicious Rajasthani cuisine, which is world famous.

Places to Visit in Mukundgarh

Mukundgarh Fort: this fort is located in the Mukundgarh and was built around 300 years ago by Shekhawatis, this palace provides the beautiful view of landscapes and the greenery surrounded by this palace, at present this palace is converted into a resort.

Rani Sati Temple: this temple is one of the famed temples in Jhunjhunu located at the distance of 25 Kms from Mukundgarh and visited by numerous devotees every day, temple is devoted to Rani Satiji, and grand fest is celebrated on no moon day, tourists can come across various wall paintings and pictures of Rani Satiji.

Khetri Mahal: this is one of the famed palaces near Mukundgarh located at the distance of 80 Kms from Mukundgarh. This Mahal was constructed by King Bhopal Singh in the year 1770, grandson of Sardul Singh, this palace has marble pillar instead of walls.

Bihari Ji Temple: this is one of the famed temples in Jhunjhuna, located at the distance of 28 Kms from Mukundgarh town and this temple is devoted to Bihariji and well recognized for its unique historic paintings and wall paintings and this temple is visited by number of devotes from Rajasthan.

Badalgarh Fort: this is one of the prime attractions in Jhunjhunu located at the distance of 25 Kms from Mukundgarh. This fort was constructed by Nawab Fazl Khan in the 17th century to protect the camels and horses.

Other interesting places to visit near Mukundgarh

  • Ganeriwal Haveli
  • Kanoria Haveli
  • Saraf Haveli
  • The Modi and Tiberwala Haveli
  • Shekhawat Rajput’s Chhatris
  • Zorawargarh
  • Kamruddin Shah’s Dargah
  • Mertaniji ki Baori
  • Forsterganj – A British Establishment
  • Ajit Sagar
  • Birdi Chand Well


Best Time to Visit Mukundgarh

Mukundgarh is situated in Rajasthan state and climate is normally hot throughout the year and best time to visit Mukundgarh is between the months of October to March, as climate will be relevantly cool during these months.

How to Reach Mukundgarh?

By Air: nearest airport to Mukundgarh is Jaipur International Airport situated at the distance of 165 Kms from Mukundgarh town, it is one of the major airports in Rajasthan and connects to various cities in India and world. Tourists can hire a taxi from airport to Mukundgarh or can board a bus to reach this region.

By Train: Mukundgarh is served by Mukundgarh Railway Station located in centre of the city and this railway line connects to various cities and towns in Rajasthan state like Jaipur Jhunjhunu, Fatehpur, Hisar, Delhi, Ajmer and various other cities.

By Road: National Highway 11 passes close to Mukundgarh and from Sikar, Laxmangarh one can take State Highway 8 to reach Mukundgarh town. Government of Rajasthan operates public and tourists buses from various parts of Rajasthan to Mukundgarh and tourists buses also ply from neighboring cities to Mukundgarh.

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