Tourist Places in Sri Ganganagar, Ganganagar, Rajasthan, India

Tourist Places in Sri Ganganagar, Ganganagar, Rajasthan, India

Sri Ganganagar city is situated on the Indian continent in Rajasthan state. Sri Ganganagar forms the center of administration of the district of Ganganagar. The district spans over an area of 11,155 km2. The coordinates of Sri Ganganagar are 29.920 N and 73.880 E. Sri Ganganagar is 164 meter from the sea level. During the summer season the temperature ranges from 32 0C to 40 0C and in winter season the temperature ranges from 10 0C to 23 0C.

Best time to spend vacation at Sri Ganganagar is between the months from October to February.

History of Sri Ganganagar

Maharaja Ganga Singh of Ramnagar formed and ruled Sri Ganganagar. This place is cited at the point where the Sutlej water begins to flow in Rajasthan. According local stories it is said that, one of the friends of the Maharaja, whose name was Hindu Mal,noticed that the boundary of the Kingdom was not marked. Hindu Mal with his cunning mind began to expand the boundaries of his own Kingdom beginning from the South till the Northern part. When he reached the North of his own kingdom he informed Maharaja Ganga Singh about his victorious conquering of various areas. Hindu Mal later passed away in the Northern part of his own Kingdom giving the place the name Hindumalkot.

During the year 1925, the then Viceroy of India Lord Curzon, marked the beginning of the creation of a Canal  work from Ferozepur  to the Bikaner state to overcome the drought situation and thereby also providing water for irrigation. However, the canal was inaugurated in the year 1927 by Lord Irwin, the then Viceroy of the country.

People & Culture of Sri Ganganagar

Sri Ganganagar has a population of 370,800 out of which majority of them worship Hindu religion while the rest are followers of Sikh or Jainism or Buddhism. Rajasthani, Hindi and English are the languages spoken by the people in Sri Ganganagar district, with Rajasthani being the local language.Every year festivals such Diwali, Holi etc., are celebrated in a grand way throughout Sri Ganganagar district.

Tourist Places in Sri Ganganagar Sri Ganganagar

There are places of tourist interest in and around Sri Ganganagar. The names of such places of interest are mentioned below

  • Balaji Dham

Balaji Dham is cited adjacent to Hamumangarh Road which is quiet close to Ridhi Sidhi Enclave. The main deity of the temple is Sri Balaji and in its enclosure are present various other temples.

  • Hindumalkot Border

This place is also known as Indo-Pak Border, from where one can have a view of the Pakistani check post. The name Hindumalkot is derived from the Diwan of Bikaner whose name was Hindumal.

  • Gauri Shankar Temple

The temple was constructed using sandstone, and the presiding deity is Lord Shiva in the form of a Shivalinga.

  • Gurudwara Sri Budha Johar Shahab

This is one of the popular places in Rajasthan where one can find Sikh community in the state. There is a shrine dedicated to Gurudwara Sri Budah Johar Shahab along with Bhai Mehtab and Sukha Singh.

  • Suratgarh Super Critical Thermal Power Station

The super thermal power station at Suratgarh is one of the prestiges of Rajasthan state. The station authorities have ensured and accomplished to maintain an eco-friendly environment by applying the latest technology in controlling pollution and emission levels.

  • Laila Majnu Ki Mazar

A mazar was created to honour the lengendary stories of Laila and Manju’s love. According to local stories it is believed that the couples ran away from their home town in Sindh region and settled in this district.

Other places of interest in Sri Ganganagar are

  • Birbal Chowk
  • Gol Bazaar
  • Durga Mandir
  • Sri Ram Temple
  • Hanuman Mandir
  • Sukharia Circle

Means of Commutation to Sri Ganganagar

Sri Ganganagar is well connected with the rest of the places in India through roadways, railways and airway. Inter city commutation is facilitated by taxis and public bus.The distance of Sri Ganganagar from some of the cities in Rajasthan and neighboring states are given below

  • Chandigarh is located at a distance of 397 km
  • Delhi is located at a distance of 424 km
  • Jaipur is located at a distance of 504 km
  • Kanpur is located at a distance of 884 km
  • Indore is located at a distance of 1025 km

The railway station is located in the vicinity of Sri Ganganagar. There are regular trains from Jaipur railway station to this station.

Sri Ganganagar is also connected to the rest of the world via airways. The closest airport to Sri Ganganagar along with their distance is mentioned below

  • Delhi Airport is located at a distance of 421 km
  • Jaipur Airport is located at a distance of 482 km
  • Chandigarh Airport is located at a distance of 338 km

Accommodation Options at Sri Ganganagar

Hotels located at Sri Ganganagar provide tourist with various facilities such as Wi-Fi, car on hire and other amenities. There are budget hotels as well as three star, four star hotels. Budget hotels at Sri Ganganagar are priced at Rs. 500/- for a day whereas the initial tariff for rooms in star hotels at Sri Ganganagar begins at Rs. 3000/-. Names of hotels at Sri Ganganagar are mentioned below

  • Pagoda Hotel
  • Raj Sheronz Hotel
  • Shagun Hotel
  • Swagat Hotel
  • Maharaja Hotel
  • Kashish Hotel
  • Vikramaditya Hotel
  • Sangam Hotel
  • Black Panther Hotel
  • Hotel Grover
  • Anand Guest House
  • L.G Guest House
  • Hotel Khurana Palace
  • Saini Garden Hotel
  • Hotel Vidya

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