Tourist Places to Visit in Sikar, Rajasthan, India

Tourist Places to Visit in Sikar, Rajasthan, India

Sikar is a conurbation in Rajasthan, India. It is an enveloped conurbation which has supercilious edifices, an enormous castle and a collection of grand Havelis. One can find the shrines that are festooned with attractive paintings. The charming murals and the Shekhawati flair of structural design of the stronghold entice vacationers from all over the world. Chronological proofs suggest that the Sikar city was the largest Thikana of Jaipur and was under the sovereignty of the Shekhawats. Previously recognized as Beer Bhan Ka Bass, Sikar functioned as the command center to Thikana Sikar.


History of Sikar


The original appellation of Sikar was `Beer Bhan Ka Bass`. In the process to alleviate the hostility on version of the assassination of Jaswant Singh, the Khandela ruler Bahadur Singh endowed the parish to Daulat Singh. He placed the groundwork of the stronghold on the raised ground of this hamlet. Later on his descendant Shiv Singh who was a very resilient and ingenious ruler constructed a brilliant castle on it and Sikar is still bordered by great ramparts encompassing seven gateways. Shiv Singh was the most protuberant Rao Raja of Sikar. He urbanized the Sikar region into a handsome metropolis.



Tourist Attractions in Sikar




Laxmangarh Township is a widely held vacationer’s spot that is identified for the Laxmangarh Fortification. The fortress was constructed on the knoll in the year 1862 by Laxman Singh. It is alleged that the groundwork of the Laxmangarh metropolis was founded on the scheduling scheme of the state capital Jaipur. The edifices in the township are festooned with frieze canvases in the Shekhawati flair.





Ganeshwar hamlet is positioned in the vicinity of Neem ka Thana in Sikar. The hot sulphur springtides are its major magnetism and it is supposed that showering in this spring heals skin conditions.




Jeenmata is a hamlet renowned for an antediluvian shrine committed to the divinity Jeen Mata. Conferring to a conviction, this sanctuary was created about 1000 eons ago. The structural design of the sanctuary exhibits archetypal Rajputana scheme. The 24 striking masts of the shrine are engraved with divergent sculptures. Tourists can perceive the eight-handed statue of the deity Jeen Mata.


Madho Niwas Kothi                      



Madhav Singh built a citadel and named it as Madho Niwas Kothi. The fortifications of the kothi are ornamented with golden landscapes.




Ramgarh is a region positioned just about 74 km from Sikar. Rao Raja Devi instituted this region in the year 1791. It is famed for numerous memorials, sanctuaries, havelis and traditional artifacts.


Places of interest in and around Sikar


  • Chhoti Lal Sagarmal Sodhani Haveli
  • Khatu Shyamji
  • Virat nagar
  • Harshnath Temple
  • Digamber Jain temple
  • Pilani
  • Shekhawati
  • Raghunath Temple


Best season to visit Sikar


The best time to visit Sikar is during the months of November to February. The summers are very hot. There is heavy rainfall during the monsoon season at Sikar. The climate during the winter season is pleasant and appropriate time for excursions around Sikar.


Accessibility to Sikar


By Air:  The nearest aerodrome to Sikar is the Jaipur International Airport 110 km from the city. It connects the city to the southern and northern parts of the country. One can hire a cab from airport or get into a local transport to reach Sikar.

By Train:  The Sikar Railway Station is a chief railhead of the Shekhawati province. It gets direct trains from Ganganagar, Bikaner, Jaipur and Delhi. One can hire a cab from station or get into a local transport to reach Sikar.

By Road:   The National Highway 11 links Sikar city to Jaipur.  Public and private transportations provides numerous buses to the city.

Accommodations in Sikar


Sikar city has some reasonable hotels, resorts, guest houses and lodges. The hotels make available much expediency and the expenses contrast from hotel to hotel. Many hotels accept advanced booking and reservation for safe and unperturbed stay of the vacationers. Some high end hotels offers host of world class services to the tourists like big ventilated rooms with room heaters, LCD TV’s, broadband facilities with Wi-Fi, intercom accessibilities, laundry services, swimming pool, clubhouse, gym, sauna and steam bath, spa, Pub & Bar etc. List of hotels in Sikar are as follows:

  • Hotel Sunrise
  • Sanwariya Hotel
  • Sikar Hotel
  • Shekhawati Hotel and Bar
  • Hotel Park Lane
  • Natraj Hotel
  • Niroj Hotel
  • Hotel Annapurna
  • Shri Salasar Hotel and Restaurant
  • Hotel Park Avenue
  • Radha Swami Hotel
  • Hotel Vinayak Place
  • Hotel Paradise
  • Hotel Sagar Palace
  • Sagar Hotel
  • Hotel Kesrinandan & Restaurant
  • Hotel Bagiya Resort

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