Tourist Places to Visit in Salisbury, Dominica, America

Tourist Places to Visit in Salisbury, Dominica, America

Salisbury is one of the towns of Dominica belonging to St. Joseph Parish geographically positioned between 15°26′9″ N latitude and 61°26′13″ W longitude. It is situated about 23 kms away from Portsmouth and 21 kms from Roseau, the capital city of Dominica.

The economy of Salisbury is centered on agricultural activity and tourism. Salisbury is also the home town of many major former Dominican politicians.


Geography of Salisbury:

Salisbury is located on the west coast of the island at an altitude of 50 meters above sea mean level.


History of Salisbury:

Salisbury was earlier known as Barroui during the British colonial period. It was a small village until the middle of 20th century and geared up towards developments with the establishments of banana industry between 1950 and 1960.


Connectivity to Salisbury:

Salisbury has good connectivity with neighboring towns as well as major towns of the island such as Roseau and Portsmouth by minibus services that is catered by many private bus companies.

Salisbury is located around 50 kms away from Melville Hall Airport in Saint Andrew Parish which is the one of two airports of Dominica, other one being Canefield Airport.

There are taxis and rented cars available at the local travel offices of Salisbury which are useful for both local travel and to reach airports.


Food and Shopping in Salisbury:

Salisbury hosts many traditional as well as modern shops of clothes, footwear and electrical and electronic items. The major food corners in and around Salisbury are:

  • Romance Cafe
  • The Tamarind Tree Hotel & Restaurant
  • TAO Restaurant & Lounge Bar
  • Papillote Rainforest Restaurant
  • Green House Sports Bar and grill


Places of interest in Salisbury:

Salisbury Beach:

Salisbury Beach is the major attraction of Salisbury located on the west coast of Dominica. It is visited by a large number of tourists, (especially water sport lovers) throughout the year, especially during dry season. Salisbury Beach is served by Dolphin Resorts.


JC Ocean Adventures:

JC Ocean Adventures is a water sport centre offering unforgettable snorkeling experiences. It is one of the major snorkeling centres in Dominica, located in Mero (3 km away from Salisbury).


Dominican Botanical Gardens:

Botanical Gardens are located in Roseau, around 20 kms away from Salisbury. It is home to a wide variety of plants and trees including national flower and tree Bois Kwaib (Sabinea carinalis). It is home to World Creole Music Festival.


Other places of interest near Salisbury are:

  • Champagne Beach
  • Papillote Tropical Gardens
  • Mero Beach
  • Dominica Museum
  • The Emerald Pool
  • French Quarter
  • Morne Anglais
  • Barnabas Anglican Church
  • Middleham Falls & Ti Tou Gorge


Best time to visit Salisbury:

From April to October will be the ideal time to trip Salisbury while the weather remains pleasant.


Accommodation options in Salisbury:

Salisbury is a pleasant town with many natural attractions including Salisbury Beach and is also famous for its luxurious resorts and hotels. Dolphin Resorts is the major one which adjoins Salisbury beach offering different water sport activities other than facilities (spa, doctor on call, hot water bath, 24 hours help desk, special diet on requests and sauna). The prominent hotels and resorts in Salisbury and its neighboring towns are listed below:


  • Dolphin Resorts
  • Island Bay Boutique Hotel
  • Louis Villa
  • Liberty JungleAnchorage Hotel & Dive Center
  • Fort Young Hotel
  • Zen Gardens
  • Evergreen Hotel
  • Elegant Suites & Apartments
  • Garraway Hotel
  • La Flamboyant Hotel
  • Sisserou Villa, Lodge & Cottage
  • Castle Comfort Dive Lodge
  • Caribbean Sea View Holiday Apartments
  • Natty Tropical Valley
  • Itassi Cottages
  • Cherry Orchard Apartments
  • Roxy’s Mountain Lodge

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