Places to Visit in Yangshuo, China, Asia

Places to Visit in Yangshuo, China, Asia

Yangshuo is sited on the Asian continent in the southeast region of the country, China in the Guangxi province. The geographical coordinates place Yangshuo at 24047’ N and 110030’ E and Yangshuo spans over an area of 1,428 km2.


History of Yangshuo:

According to archeologists findings civilization existed along the banks of the river Li, in 314 B.C. In the year 111 B.C Yangshuo was under the reign of Emperor Wu of the Han dynasty. Later on the Tang and Song dynasties ruled Yangshuo. The trade flourished in Yangshuo under their reign and the city thrived prosperously. Yangshuo formed the center of operations for the Northern Army headed by Dr. Sun Yat-sen. During the year 1981, Yangshuo became an important part of China with the State Council declaring special protection for specific locations and sites in Yangshuo.


People & Culture of Yangshuo:  

Due to the presence of Han community in large numbers in Yangshuo Southwestern Mandarin and Cantonese form of Chinese languages are widely spoken among the locals. Apart from these languages Pinghua and Zhuang are the other forms of Chinese languages spoken in Yangshuo. Worshippers of the Christian religion form the minority community in Yangshuo.

Folk songs and music forms the integral part of the local culture.

Food and Shopping at Yangshuo:

Both, continental and non-continental vegetarian and non-continental cuisines are available throughout Yangshuo. Rice and fish is the staple food of the locals residing in Yangshuo. The ingredients used by the locals in Yangshuo are considered as the treasure trove of the cities cuisine. Alcohol made from rice and pickled tofu of Yangshuo is also considered as treasures of the local cuisine.

There are shopping centers located in and around Yangshuo town. The names of these shopping centers are mentioned below:

  • Yangshuo Department Store Company
  • Haiyang Department Store
  • Wankelong Shopping Center
  • Eurasian Shangdu Mall (Gongnong road)


Tourist Places in Yangshuo:  


Yulong River

This river flows from Shiwaitaoyuan to Gongnong Bridge at the Li River and covers a distance of 16 km. The place is located around the river is filled with picturesque sceneries.


Yangshuo West Street

Formed over 1400 years, Yangshuo is one of the oldest streets covering a distance of 517 meters. One can have a taste of the lip smacking local cuisines prepared at various hotels.


Impression Liu Sanjie

Various performances or dramas take place under the open dark skies near the river by minority community.


Sanjie Liu above Water Park

This park covers a distance of 20 km stretching from Yangshuo to Puyi town and is also known the diamond channel. The natural landscapes along the river side forms part of the park.


Butterfly Spring Park

This is one of the most different and amazing parks in entire China. The park is home to various species of Butterflies.


Other Places to visit in Yangshuo:


  • Longjin Drifting
  • Silver Cave
  • Moon Hill
  • Guilin Laozhai Mountain
  • Fuli Bridge


Means of Commutation to Yangshuo:

Yangshuo is not accessible with railway station. The South railway station at Guilin is the nearest railway station to Yangshuo. From here one needs to board a bus to Yangshuo. Trains moving to and fro Hunan-Guangxi passes through this railway station on daily basis.

Yangshuo is also well connected via airways to various places in the world. Guilin Liangjiang International Airport is the nearest airport to Yangshuo situated at a distance of 65 km. This airport caters to the arrival and departure of flights from major cities in China and also flights from and to Malaysia.

Yangshuo is well connected via roadways to places within China. There are buses which commute to places like Guangdong, Gangzhou, Guangxi and other provinces in China.

Inter city transportation is facilitated by public buses and taxis.


Accommodation Options at Yangshuo:

There are many hotels with beautiful interiors and amazing decors in and around Yangshuo. The names of some of these hotels are listed below:

  • Yangshuo Tea Cozy
  • Yangshuo Secret Garden Boutique Hotel
  • Yangshuo Mountain Retreat
  • Moondance Boutique Resort
  • Yangshuo Phoenix Pagoda Fonglou Retreat
  • Li River Retreat
  • Yangshuo Village Retreat
  • Yangshuo Dongling Resort
  • Rosewood Inn
  • Magnolia Hotel

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