Places to Visit in Jessore, Bangladesh, Asia

Places to Visit in Jessore, Bangladesh, Asia

Jessore is a district in Khulna Division in southwestern Bangladesh. Jessore was formed as a district in 1781 and the district occupies an area of 2,606.94 sq. km. Jessore is located about 206 km away towards southwest of national capital Dhaka and about 455 km northwest of Chittagong City.

Jessore is placed at a height of 7 meters above the mean level of sea. Jessore is surrounded by Satkhira District in the south, Magura district to the north, Khulna Districts towards east and West Bengal State in India on the west. Voyirob and Kopotak-kho are the main rivers flowing through Jessore District.


History of Jessore:

Prior the India’s Independence Jessore was one district of West Bengal State in India. Jessore was the first Bengali District to carve out from Pakistani forces on 7 December 1971. Jessore Kingdom was ruled by Raja Pratapaditya in the past.


Culture of Jessore:

The farmers of Jessore are hard workers and they grow paddy, jute, sugarcane, papaya, banana, cotton, jute, litchi and tuberose. Balia Vakutia is a village in Jessore well known for handloom products of shaari, loongi and gamchha. Also Jessore is home to numerous famous temples and mosques.


How to reach Jessore?

Jessore has good connectivity with main cities of the country and India by highways and Jessore Railway Junction is placed on Western Bangladesh Railway line. There are regular trains plying between Jessore and Kolkata City of India. Khulna Bus Station, Jessore Inter District Bus Terminal and Rupdia Bus Station are the prime bus stations of Jessore District.

Jessore Cantonment Railway Station is placed 5 km away from the midpoint of Jessore town. Jessore has its own airport located 7 kms away from the centre of the town, served by GMG Airlines, United Airways and Royal Bengal Airlines.


Tourist places in Jessore:


Rampur is a village located in Jessore District famous for beautiful lake. The rivers flowing through Rampur include Jhapa Bayor, Khajura Bayor and Kopotak-kho.



Dhoolgraam is an ancient village situated in Abhaynagar Upazila in Jessore District. Once Rampur had historical seventeen Hindu temples but at present, the village has only one temple, all the 16 temples were ruined by flood of River Bhairab. The remaining temple is the best worship place for Bengali Hindus and fabulous terracotta designs of the temple is a prime attraction.


Chanchra Rajbari:

Chanchra is a locality of Jessore town houses historical Lord Shiva Temple, Dosh Mohabid-da Temple and located in the vicinity of Jora Shiv Temple. Also it acts as a good picnic spot.


Imam Bara:

Imam Bara is ancient historical monument located in Murolir Mor. It was built by Hazi Muhammad Mohsin.



Shaagordaari is a village and home to the residence of renowned poet Michael Madhusudan Dutta. Now the house of Michael Madhusudan Dutta has been converted into a museum. The entrance gate of the museum made with beautiful designs. The River Kopotak-kho flows near Shaagordaari Village.


Other top tourist attractions present near Jessore include:

  • Vaatnogor
  • Jessore Collectorate Building
  • Shani Mosque
  • Hamidpur


Best time to visit Jessore:

From November to May is the ideal time to visit Jessore to visit ancient temples.


Accommodation options in Jessore:

Due to the existence of top tourist places, there are plenty of star hotels, budgeted hotels established at Jessore to serve the tourists. The best hotels situated in Jessore are as follows:

  • Hotel Hasan International
  • New Nuru Hotel
  • Hotel Hassan
  • Hotel Magpie
  • Nazma Hotel
  • Hotel R S International
  • Hotel Mid-Town
  • Grand Hotel
  • Coco Hotel

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