Places to Visit in Thakurgaon, Bangladesh, Asia

Places to Visit in Thakurgaon, Bangladesh, Asia

Thakurgaon is a well known town situated in Thakurgaon District in Rangpur Division, Bangladesh. It is located between 25.95° north latitude and 88.25° east longitude. Thakurgaon District covers an area of 1,809.52 sq. km. and is situated about 403 km northwest of national capital Dhaka.

Thakurgaon District is surrounded by Dinajpur district in the south, Panchagarh district on the east and the regions of India in the north and west.

The economy of Thakurgaon depends on the agricultural activities and rice, wheat, sugarcane, seasonal vegetables and fruits are the major agricultural products grown by the farmers of Thakurgaon. Thakurgaon Sugar Mill is the main landmark and Thakurgaon Club and Thakurgaon Town Club are the prime sport centres of Thakurgaon.


History of Thakurgaon:

Thakurgaon was a Taluk during the British rule in India. After the Independence of India, Thakurgaon shifted to East Pakistan as a Subdivision. In 1984, Thakurgaon was formed as a district by carving out from Dinajpur District.


Culture of Thakurgaon:

The natives of Thakurgaon celebrate almost all of the national and religious festivals. Sapla Natto Gosty and Nischintopur Theater are the famous drama clubs arrange drama programs all the months of the year. Dhamer Gaan is a habitual singing style of the natives of Thakurgaon. Food culture of Thakurgaon natives is slightly different than other regions of Bangladesh.


Connectivity to Thakurgaon:

Thakurgaon is a popular tourist destination located about 106 kms and 256 kms from the two major cities of the country Rangpur and Rajshahi respectively. There are frequent bus services available at Thakurgaon Town Bus Stand and other local bus stands to reach tourist destinations and nearby towns.

Thakurgaon District has four major bus stands namely Shibganj Railway Station (10 km from Thakurgaon Town), Bhomradaha Railway Station (18 km), Kismot/Radhanagar Railway Station (18 km) and Ruhia Railway Station (24 km).

Thakurgaon has its own airport well connected with Dhaka and Chittagong Airport situated 8 km away from the heart of the town.


Tourist Attractions in Thakurgaon:

Kantanagar Temple:

Kantanagar Temple is a prime attraction of Thakurgaon and its ornate design and complex figurine really looks amazing. The figurines and the carvings of the temple showcase the story of kings, gods and goddesses.


Tangon River:

Tangon River gets its name from a landlord of Ransankail in Thakurgaon ‘Tankonath’. It flows through Bangladesh and West Bengal State and finally joins with River Punarbhaba at Naogaon District.


Rangpur Central Zoo:

Rangpur Central Zoo is situated east side of Hunuman-Tola road in Rangpur City, about 106 km away from Thakurgaon Town. The Zoo is home to African Lion, Hippopotamus, Black Panther, Bengal Tiger, Rhinoceros, a Leopard, Spotted Deer and other Bangladeshi wild animals. It is best weekend picnic spot for both tourists and the locals.


Other tourist attractions in Thakurgaon include:

  • Jomidar Masjid
  • Kulic River
  • King Ton Ko Nath Palace
  • Senua Bridge
  • Old Air Port
  • Ancient Mango Tree
  • Sugar Mill
  • Gorkoi Heritage
  • Khunia Dhighi Memorial
  • Ramrai Dighi


Best time to visit Thakurgaon:

From the beginning of winter season to the middle of summer season is the ideal time to visit Thakurgaon.


Accommodation Options in Thakurgaon:

Thakurgaon houses one international hotel and several budgeted hotels. The hotels in Thakurgaon and Rangpur (105 kms from Thakurgaon) are:

  • Thakurgaon Rest House
  • Hotel Salam International
  • Gawsia Hotel
  • Hotel Town Plaza
  • Park View Residential Hotel
  • Grand Hotel Moar
  • Noor Hotel
  • Nurani Hotel and Restaurant
  • Sagorica Hotel
  • Sha Amanat
  • Golden Tower
  • Mithu Hotel

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