Dezful Tourist Places to Visit in Dezful, Iran, Asia

Dezful Tourist Places to Visit in Dezful, Iran, Asia

Dezful is the capital city of Dezful County in Khuzestan Province of Iran located about 170 kms northwest of provincial capital Ahvaz and about 700 kms southwest of national capital Tehran.


Geography and Climate of Dezful:

Dezful is placed between 32°22′57″ N latitude and 48°24′07″ E longitude is located at an average altitude of 150 meters.

Dezful experiences a hot semi-arid climate with mild winters and hot summers.


Etymology and History of Dezful:

Dezful was earlier known as Dezjpol. Dezful derives its name from two words ‘dezj’ means ‘fortress’ and pol means ‘bridge’. The total literal meaning of Dezjpol is ‘fortified bridge’ or ‘the bridge to the fortress’. The cities name changed from Dezjpol to Dezful after Arab invasion of Persia. Dezful houses numerous archeological sites dating back to 300 BC.


Economy of Dezful:

Dezful houses one big agricultural market, a large cotton textile mill and numerous medium scale industries. Dez Dam is used for irrigation, drinking water and electricity purpose.

Connectivity to Dezful:

Dezful is served by Dezful Airport with two daily flights to national capital Tehran and weekly air services to Mashhad.

Tourists can reach Dezful by the Iranian railways from Ahwaz and Tehran. The nearest railway station to Dezful is Andimeshk Railway Station located at the distance of 13 kms.

Dezful is well connected with all the major cities of the country through roadways by luxury buses.

There are Minivans and Taxis available to reach airport and railway stations at Dezful City.


Food, Culture and Shopping in Dezful:

Dezful is a historical site houses numerous beautifully designed mosques and forts. The people of Dezful are generally known as Dezfoolians or Dezfuli. Dezfuli is the local and a commonly spoken language in Dezful. Other languages spoken by the natives include Shushtari and Behbahani. The locals are the great lovers of football.

The seafood is very famous among the natives of Dezful and the popular food includes Ghalyeh Mahi, Ghalyeh Meygu, ashe-mohshala, saer shir and haelim. Dezful is home to the hotels of Western and Asian countries along with Iranian traditional hotels.

Khuzestan handicraft is very famous handicraft product all over the province and these handicrafts are available at the handicraft and archeological centres of Dezful. Also the city houses numerous modern shopping centres.



Tourist Attractions in Dezful:


Dezful Jame’ Mosque:

Dezful Jame’ Mosque is one of the must see tourist attractions in Dezful. Its ancient Iranian architectures are the prime attraction.


Dezful Bridge:

Dezful Bridge dates back to 300 BC and is still good in condition and useful in irrigation and electricity needs.


Apadana Palace:

Apadana Palace is known for its stunning outer structure and well maintained interior.


Rumi Statue:

Rumi Statue is located in Ahwaz, about 170 kms from Dezful. It is placed opposite the faculty of letters and humanities of the Shahid Chamran University.


The list of other tourist attractions in Dezful is as follows:

  • Susa Zanbil Temple
  • Choghamish Hills
  • Ahvaz Mosque
  • Takhti Stadium
  • Ghadir Stadium
  • Masjed Jame Dezful
  • Choqa-Zanbil Ziggurat
  • Achamenian Palace
  • Shevi Waterfall
  • Susa Museum


Ideal time to visit Dezful:

Between November and March is the best time to visit Dezful.


Accommodation Options in Dezful:

Hotels in Dezful and Ahwaz (about 170 kms) are listed here below:

  • Dezful Tourism Hotel
  • Ronash Hotel
  • Hotel Dez Parking
  • Grand Hotel Andimeshk
  • Apadana Hotel
  • Behbahani Hotel
  • Ekseen Hotel
  • Karoon Hotel
  • Khozestan Iran Hotel
  • Kowsar Hotel
  • Naderi Hotel
  • New Park Hotel
  • Oxin Hotel
  • Setareh Hotel


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