Goa – The Paradise of Beaches

Goa – The Paradise of Beaches

Goa is enclosed by Maharashtra to the north, to the east and south comes Karnataka and the Arabian Sea forms its western coast. And at present Goa is recognized for its wealthy enriching tradition, colourful life, tremendous carnivals, along with its exclusive spicy cuisine and above all this it is mainly famous for its golden beaches. The beaches of Goa have its extraordinary mob particularly during the winters, at the time of Christmas and New Year. Its carnivals and beach celebrations are something that is really common throughout the year. Addition to the things that is mentioned above is the spectacular view of the sea and its natural splendor and you and this makes you sure for planning your subsequent holiday trip in the beaches of Goa, and this is going to make you feel the best experience of a lifetime.

Anjuna Beach:


Anjuna Beach was the most admired hippie joint at the time of 1970’s. It is 8 kms away from Mapusa. Considering the other beaches of Goa, the serene attractiveness of this beach is incredible. The main sight of this beach is St. Michael’s Church, which was constructed in the year 1595. Anjuna has got the most exciting nightlife, with the Starco’s including the most famous hangouts called the Alcove. Shopping every weekend in the market for souvenirs or going for a swim in the hot, tropical waters. The most spectacular things in Anjuna are infinite.

 Calangute Beach:

This beach is one of the most wanted beaches of Goa. It is one among the longest beaches and one of the busiest beaches. Taking a nap in the shade of a palm tree and also at times with a book, the calm melody and this package make you start a perfect soothing day. If you are a person who loves to party, then move in for the Tito’s for a great night out of joyous celebrations. And the most important thing is the history of the beach what benefits you to visit the Kerkar Art Gallery or the Church of St. Alex. Since Calangute that was a hippie haunt until the 1980’s, and at present you will still get a lot of their traces.

Baga Beach:

Baga beach goa

Baga Beach is mainly identified for fishing. The fishermen sails out with their boat to get their every day catch and this most general sight. The all time parties during the Christmas and New Year are new causes to turn up to this beach. The “Cubana” is the most preferred club for party lovers. The “Mello Rosa Hotel” is taking care of your expenditure so that it would lead you to a very comfortable vacation on the Baga. Above all these, the sea takes your time to participate in its thriller from early evening till the sunrise. This beach is really a nature’s paradise.

Vagator Beach:

Vagator Beach - Goa

This beach is situated 24 kms away from Panaji. It is much accepted by both the tourists and locals and is completely packed mainly on the weekends. And the reason for this is the lovely beauty of the beach. Among all the above its foremost attraction is the Chapora Fort, which was constructed in the year 1717.

Here is a chance for you to experience the true essence of the Goan living, as this beach has not yet seen the corruption by quick commercialization. Here you don’t find the modern resorts and this beach mainly has the Portuguese style cottages and shacks, which gives the beach its delightful ease.

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