Agonda Beach – Goa, India

The Magnificence of Agonda Beach, Goa

Agonda Beach - Goa, India

Agonda beach is known for its privacy it is 37 kms away from the town of Margao. It is located away from the place of many beaches and is not much popular when compared to the other beaches like the Calangute or the Baga, and mainly for this reason the beauty of Agonda is yet unheard. Agonda Beach is of 3 kms in length and a lonesome beautiful cove of white sand that is scattered with palms and casuarinas. It has a small hill to the south that enriches nature’s beauty. And you will not find any modern extra comfort hotels and resorts all the way through 3 kms long stretch of the beach. As a substitute of that you will find the white sand under your feet, blue sky above your head and the emerald waters in front of your eyes, and irregularly the fishing boats sailing out to get their daily catch.

The chief attraction for the tourists is the fort of Cabo de Rama. According to the myths, there is a saying that Lord Rama had spent some time here with his wife Sita during the period of his 12-year exile. Evening walk at the beach gets you to watch the complete process of sunset you can experience the best view of life. Dudhsagar waterfall is another place that you move into and is an interesting place as green forests surround it. You can also try out with trucking, campfire and much more. As the colour of the water here is pure white just like milk hence the name came Dudhsagar where Dudh refers to milk in Hindi. On the other hand, the only disadvantage of this place is that it has nothing to please the needs of the urban community. You cannot find the restaurants or malls, or small hotels or even the spas. So you are asked to carry all the necessary things required. Considering the transportation it is not very easily accessible and the feasible way to reach the beach or to roam around is mainly through the motorcycle, which is the smallest and the best thing that is available as people here rent them to the outsiders.

The same thing goes for the rooms. As there are no resorts or hotels in the surrounding area, the only alternative that is remaining is to live in some hotel that is close to the town and later visit the beach. But, at times we hear, that people really get along with the loneliness and calmness of the place that tempt them to live in tents or camps on the beach itself. And as soon as you reach at this place the first thing you do is to swim in the warm, humid waters and it is restricted only to a certain distance in the Agonda beach as it is considered to be not very safe because of the undersea boulders and also the population is very low, where you cant find any help at the time of crisis. You can cook your own food or try the simple, yet spicy new recipes cooked by the locals of that place. The main reason to recommend this beach is for its calm, peace, loveliness and mainly for people who want to spend a few days all alone then Agonda Beach is the perfect target for them.


  •  In South Goa, Agonda beach is 70.3 kilometers from Panaji and 39.2 kilometers from Margao. It is just 15 minutes from Palolem.
  •  Nice, quiet, and pristine beach, perfect for relaxation and sunbathing. Less touristy, cheaper.
  •  Closest airport – Dabolim – 60.5 kilometers.
  •  2 kilometer long beach with pure, coarse, smooth and golden sand.
  •  Closest railway station – Margao – 39.3 kilometers.
  •  The water is sometimes choppy. There are better places in Goa for swimming.
  •  Good infrastructure for tourists – Shops, restaurants, cafes, pubs, internet parlors, ATMs, medicine stores, grocery shops, wine stores. But there are no large and noisy markets. Shacks with sun beds.
  •  Visit Palolem, Cola, and Butterfly beach, which are all very close. The Cabo de Rama Fort is 30 minutes by road. See the rock formations on the beach, visit the turtle center. Get an ayurvedic message or try yoga.


  1. The Beach – This is a clean, wide, picturesque, and very serene beach. TripAdvisor has rated it as Asia’s #1 beach for 2018. Enjoy its beauty. Spend a lazy day here, relaxing, getting a sunbath and a massage. Swimming, though, is not advisable. Visit the turtle center at the north end of the beach. In September, you can see the endangered Olive Ridley Turtles. See the unique rock formations at the south end of the beach.
  2. Palolem – The most famous beach in South Goa, Palolem is just 15 minutes away. Visit Palolem to see the beach and enjoy its nightlife. Palolem is a hot party destination. You can also visit Cola beach and see the lagoon there, and also the small but beautiful Butterfly beach.
  3. Yoga – Enroll for yoga classes at the Shiva Yoga Centre. Agonda is small enough for a lesson in spirituality. There are never too many people. No loud nightclubs. Learn from yoga gurus as you are surrounded by the calm waters of the sea.
  4. Ayurvedic Spa – The Bio Veda Ayurvedic spa offers excellent, relaxing sessions. Choose from hand and foot massage, sirodara session, and other authentic Ayurvedic treatments.
  5. Chapoli Dam – A large water body, this beautiful dam is just 10.5 kilometers from the Agonda beach. It is nestled within a scenic valley and hills. There is a lot of fish in the water. Chapoli Dam is an excellent getaway from the beach.
  6. Conco Island – Also called the Canacona Island or the Monkey Island because of the huge number of monkeys in this wooded island. It is closer to Palolem, but you can still visit from Agonda. You can easily walk to the island from Palolem in low tide. You can also cross the channel by swimming. Or you can take a ferry in high tide.
  7. Cabo De Rama Fort – An interesting fort in good condition just north of Agonda, beyond the Cola beach! You can get excellent views up to the Colva beach and of the Canacona stretch. There is a church of Santo Antonio inside the fort.

Best Time to Visit

Agonda Beach can be visited during the winters, from October to March. Although the temperature in Agonda is warm and ranges from 33°C during the day to 20°C during the night. The place receives average rainfall during monsoon months, from June to August.

Stay Near Agonda Beach

The accommodation facilities here range from the basic hotels to Cabana style villas with Jacuzzis. The most popular hotels here are Agonda White Sand, Agonda Villas, Agonda Cottages and Agonda Beach Resort.

How to Reach Agonda Beach

The best way to get around Goa is to get a two-wheeler or four wheelers on rent, with Maps to guide you through. You can even hire a cab that is readily available throughout Goa to reach this beach. Agonda Beach is located in the village of Agonda, which is a 20-minute ride from Canacona in Southern Goa. It lies at about 9.2 kilometres North of Palolem Beach.

Agonda can also be reached from Margao (which is the principal and nearest railway station), which takes about an hour. The rent for a taxi from Margao to Agonda is about INR 600 – 700. The nearest airport is the Dabolim Airport which is at a distance of 90 km from here. The taxi takes about INR 1,000 – 1,500 to take you from the airport to Agonda or vice versa. The nearest local bus station here is in Chaudi.

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