Mangalore Beach (Panambur Beach) – Karnataka, India

Mangalore Beach (Panambur Beach) – Karnataka, India

Mangalore is the main entrance for the country’s beaches. It is situated in South India and famous for its scenic beauty. Panambur beach has Jet ski rides, camel rides for kids, boating, Dolphin viewing, Food stall, ice-cream, Golas made from natural fruit syrups, trained Beach Life-guards for your safety, and Patrol vehicles for your security.

Location and surroundings:

It is located in between Goa and Kerala, between Arabian Sea and Western Ghats. Got its name from the local Goddess ”Mangladevi” that indicates good fortune. River Netravathi and Gurpura surround the beach. The hills and valleys around Mangalore enrich the beauty of Mangalore.

The beach of Mangalore is gifted with divine beauty and serenity. Karnataka being a state of culture, tradition, religion and natural beauty attract tourists from all over the world.


Mangalore was an important port at the times of Hyder Ali’s ruling and at presents serving as a trading centre for export of coffee cashew and spice.

The major attraction of the city are narrow meandering streets, trendy houses in distant places, the beaches terracotta-tiled roofs of houses temples, aroma of coconut trees and much more.

Some of the places to visit:

  • Someshwar Temple
  • The ancient 10th century Mangala Devi Temple
  • The 11th century Kadri Manjunatha Temple
  • Bronze images of Lokeshwara
  • The Jumma Masjid in Bunder
  • The Idgah Mosque at Lighthouse Hill
  • The St. Aloysius College Chapel
  • Shreemanthi Bai Memorial Government Museum
  • The Pilikula Nisagardhama, a 300-acre park


The places mentioned above are unique and has its own specialty. The Arabian blue waters, mountains, valleys, greenery etc all these enriches the beauty of Mangalore. One can hang out with your friends, family and your beloved ones and enjoy the peace and seclusion of this place.

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