Karwar Beach – Rabindranath Tagore Beach, Karnataka

Karwar Beach – Karnataka, India

Karwar Beach

It’s one of the most romantic beaches of Karnataka and is unique because of its history and place. It is situated in Karwar, that is the district head quarters of Uttar Kannada.

Uttar Kannada has lots to offer the tourists along with the beaches some of the pilgrim places also come in line. Countless is the specialties in Uttar Kannada and it’s the place where river Kali meets the Arabian Sea.  And admiring this beach famous poet Rabindranath Tagore wrote: “The beach of Karwar is definitely a destination that showcases the beauty of nature and is not an illusion of thoughts but is reflecting the joy of infinity and thus draws everyone to experience the beauty of nature.”

Karwar Beach, Karnataka


“Karwad” was its first name and later came to be called as Karwar as the Britishers couldn’t pronounce the first name. They made it as the head quarters in the year 1862 and is serving as the centre for sea trades in Arabian Sea. Karwar in Arabic is “Baithkhol“ which means bay of safety. It’s considered as one of the safest place for all the seasons.

Karwar holds a narrow coastline on one side and forest of Western Ghats on the other side that gives the joy of viewing both the sea and mountain. It’s an ideal destination for the lovers of nature.

Islands of Karwar:

1. Angediva Island (Anjadip / Anjadiva Island)

At a distance of 7 km from Karwar, Anjadiva Island or Anjadip Island is located in the Arabian Sea in South Goa. Due to the fact that the Island situates about 2 km from Binaga Village in Karnataka it is widely believed that Anjadiva belongs to this State but legally it is a part of Goa. The biggest island of archipelago which comprises of five islands Anjediva, Kurnagal, Mudlingud, Devgad and Devragad. With its key and monetary significance this Island assumed a huge part ever. Anjediva Island is situated in the Arabian Sea, close Canacona seashore, in South Goa. Because of the Island arrange around two kilometers from Binaga Village it is broadly trusted that Anjediva.

The Anjadip Island occupied an area of 1.5 sq km, it is the largest of the Karwar Panchadiva chain of five Islands and the other four are Kurnagal, Mudlingud, Devgad and Devragad. Anji stands for five in Tamil and it denotes the 5th Island. This idyllic Island is home to the Indian Navy.

2. Kudumgad Island

The island is located in Karwar owned by Karnataka state jungle resort. Booking office is present in kodibhag Karwar. The place is ideal to sit relax and have fun a lot we can have hill view from upside and beautiful sunset view also.For sea food lovers they can do fishing and all.And temple is there. For temple once in year jatra will be here.Mode of travel by boat.

3. Devgad Island

Devgad Island is situated around 3 kms away from Karwar Beach. Devgad island has a light house powered by solar technology. This island is also popluar for Oyster Rocks.

Devgad Island can be reached by hiring a boat of the Baithkol Port in Karwar. It is good place to camp and spend a complete day in the nature’s warmth

How to Reach?

  • By Air: Goa Airport that is just 100 kms far.
  • By Sea: Karwar port
  • By Rail: Station at Shirwad that is 6kms from Karwar city also the Konkan Railway route.
  • By Road: Just 524 kms North West of Bangalore, Tumkur to Honnavar via Arsikere, Shimoga, Talguppa, Honnavar to Karwar through NH17 approximately is 12 hours of journey.

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