Calangute Beach, Goa, India

Calangute Beach: The “Queen of Beaches”

The beauty found in this beach is spectacular and hence the name ‘Queen of Beaches’. And among the beaches of the Arabian Sea, Calangute Beach is mainly the largest, the busiest and one of the most fabulous beaches. Usually people connect this beach to Kalyangutti or Konvallo-ghott as it holds lots of palm trees. It’s the most admired among all the neighboring beaches, it is definitely overloaded many a times, but then you will be happy with the elements that will not be found in any part of India, and it is certain to make your holiday an excellent one.   


In the late 60s hippies discovered Calangute beach and at present they are the common visitors. The initial element that you see about this beach is its variety. It is just about 45 minutes by bus away from the capital of the state Panaji, and Calangute is certainly in its rising stages and it is growing very fast. You will find that you can benefit almost all the services that you expect in an urban community, and these include the luxury hotels and resorts, shopping complex, discos and nightclubs and numerous restaurants. On the other hand, if you take a walk towards the south-end of the beach, you will slowly avail, the Portuguese styled cottages and sight of the shades of the palm trees that bend down to touch the ocean. You can also see the fisherman getting their fresh catch from the sea as they move in the man made boats below the mounting sand dunes. And the crystal blue waters keep lapping towards the white shores, and this picture will leave you fascinated. You can checkout for the Kerkar Art Gallery or the Church of St. Alex or enjoy parasailing and water skiing. The enjoyment in this beach is endless.


Unlike the other beaches in Goa, searching a comfortable accommodation would be a tricky task, particularly because Calangute is a well-liked spot and for just because of this reason, the rates are highly expensive than other areas. You can opt for both the rent cottages and guesthouses and a few steps ahead of the beach you can find the hotels getting constructed with all the modern amenities. 

Nightlife and Eating joints:

If you are so intended for the parties, then this beach will let you down. It does not show off the ongoing nightclubs and there is only one adjacent to the beach called the Tito, which is in Baga. Yet, it is the lack of parties that makes this beach so pleasing. The restaurants and pubs over here are silent, with the local musicians performing every night. You can spend hours together just glancing at the sea with tendor coconut in hand. The hippies discovered Calangute in the early years of 1960’s; so you may come across the hippie hangouts. Coming to the food, you can enjoy the hot spicy and the genuine Goan fare or the delicious seafood in any of the countless shacks found along the beach. There is a fish, rice, curry and Feni that form the Calangute food. The Islamic and Hindu regions mainly influence the food specials of Calangute. And if you need an intercontinental cuisine, then get into the forthcoming restaurants heading towards the center of the beach.

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