Tumbes Tourist Places to Visit in Tumbes, Peru, America

Tumbes Tourist Places to Visit in Tumbes, Peru, America

Tumbes is the capital city of Tumbes Region in the northwestern Peru situated 6 meters above the sea level. It is also the administrative centre of Tumbes Province and Tumbes District situated near Ecuadorian Border. Tumbes Cathedral is the main landmark as well as the religious centre of Tumbes.


Geography of Tumbes:

Tumbes is located on the banks of the River Tumbes, northwest of Lima, between 3°34′ S latitude and 80°27′ W longitude. It enjoys a warm semi-arid climate.


History of Tumbes:

The history of Tumbes dates back to pre-Inca times when it was settled by Tumpis people. It also witnessed the rule of the Inca Empire in the following years. According to historical sources, conquistador Francisco Pizarro was the first Spanish to visit Tumbes in 1528.


How to reach Tumbes?

Tumbes is catered by Cap. FAP Pedro Canga Rodríguez Airport, located few kilometers away from the city centre with scheduled flights to Lima, served by LAN Perú and many other international destinations.

Tumbes is also connected to the national capital, Lima through the Pan American Highway by regular bus services. Buses are frequent and safer compared to other transport modes.

Colectivo, kombi and taxis are commonly used to get around, reach tourist destinations and neighboring cities.


Food and Shopping in Tumbes:

Tumbes is famous for its seafood restaurants and most of which are placed on Feijoo Street. The prominent food corners in Tumbes are listed below:

  • Eduardo El Brujo
  • Restaurant El Brujo
  • Bilbao Restaurante
  • Restaurant Si Senor
  • Classic Restaurant

Traditional handicrafts are available at local market and Tumbes is also home to many famous dessert shops.


What to do in Tumbes?

  • Jungle tour
  • Hiking
  • Shopping
  • Beaches


Places to see in Tumbes:


Tumbes beaches:

Tumbes has many well maintained white sand beaches attracting water sport lovers from all around the country and neighboring Ecuadorian regions.


Tumbes Mangals National Sanctuary:

Tumbes Mangals National Sanctuary is especially noted for its endemic animal and bird species is visited by around 340,000 tourists annually and there are regular trips offered from the city of Tumbes by many tourist vehicles. Mototaxis are also useful.


Tumbes National Reserve:

With an area of 751 sq. km. the Tumbes National Reserve was established in 1994 to preserve endangered local flora and fauna species like American crocodile, mantled howler monkey, jaguar and Margay. This coastal ecological reserve can be reached by moto taxi.


List of other places of interest in Tumbes include:

  • Cerros de Amotape National Park
  • El Angolo Game Preserve
  • Tumbes River
  • FAP Pedro Canga Rodríguez Airport
  • Tumbes Cathedral
  • Port Pizarro
  • Crocodile zoo
  • Parque Ecologico Palo Santo
  • Los Manglares de Puerto Pizarro

Ideal time to visit Tumbes:

The months of dry season are ideal to enjoy beaches of Tumbes.


Where to stay in Tumbes?

Tumbes is a picturesque city housing many standard hotels and resorts serving tourists with lot of love and care and most of Tumbes hotels are offered advance booking facility through online for tourists’ convenience. The prominent hotels in Tumbes are listed below:

  • Yemaya Boutique Hotel
  • La Posada de los Tumpis
  • Terrazas de Bocapan Beach Resort
  • HUA Punta Sal Hotel Restaurante
  • Yemya Boutique Hotel
  • Las Palmeras de Punta Sal
  • Hotel Costa del Sol Ramada Tumbes
  • Hotel Chilimasa
  • Los Balcones de Zorritos
  • Rizzo Plaza Hotel
  • Hotel Smiling Crab
  • Costa Azul Spa & Resort
  • Hotel El Murique
  • Donde el Frances
  • Hotel Bay Side
  • Columbus Hotel & Resort

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