Tourist Places to Visit in Tachilek, Myanmar, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Tachilek, Myanmar, Asia

Tachilek is situated in the Asian continent towards the east of the Myanmar in the Shan State. Tachilek Town in Tachilek District is at a distance of 845 km from the capital city, Naypyidaw located few kms from the border of Thailand on the banks of River Mae Sai and tourism sites in Shan State. The geographical coordinates puts the place at 20027’ N and 99053’ E.


Climate in Tachilek:

During summer season the average temperature is 350C and in winter temperature drops to 130C and climate is warm throughout the year.


History of Tachilek:

Tachilek history is associated with Shan State, which was ruled by Burmese rulers. Tachilek is situated at the border of Thailand and was the home for the drug lord Khun Sa. On 24 March 2011, massive earthquake caused serious damage to Tachilek and Chiang Mai region.


People & Culture of Tachilek:  

Languages spoken by the people of Tachilek are Burmese, Mon, Shan, Thai and English. However, Burmese is the official language of the country. Populace of the region follows different religions and culture, a blend of Myanmar and Thailand.


Food and Shopping at Tachilek:

Tachilek is situated at the border of Thailand and there are many food stalls, restaurants and markets in region, some of the Chinese, Thai and Burmese restaurants offer great food in affordable rates and they speak good English. Tachilek Market is one of the famed markets in the region visited by the neighboring countries to buy some of the genuine goods in affordable and cheap cost.


Tourist Places in Tachilek:

Shwedagon Paya:

Is one of the ancient and sacred pagodas in the town, renowned for its large structure and covered with gold is visited by thousands of devotees from Myanmar and from Thailand.


Spirit House:

This is one temples in the Tachilek located near to local market is visited by number of locals everyday to offer prayer and there is a statue of Lord Buddha inside the temple.


Meditation Temple:

This temple is situated in the town is run by nuns and thousands of tourists and locals visited the temple for meditation and if tourists want to stay they will be provided with food and bed as well for free of cost but some tourists donate some money before leaving.

Other Places to visit in Tachilek:

  • Enrobed Elephant Temple
  • Kengtung Hot Springs
  • Hill Tribe Village
  • Wat Zom Kham
  • Naung Tung Lake
  • Pin Tauk Waterfall


Means of Commutation to Tachilek:

Tachilek is connected via airways to the cities in Myanmar and Tachilek Airport at Tachilek District caters to the arrival and departure of domestic flights. There are daily domestic flights available to places such as Mandalay, Kengtung and Heho and vice versa.

Tachilek has well established networks of roadways to places within the country Myanmar and neighboring country Thailand. There are long distance Buses available daily to places within the country Myanmar and Thailand. The places to which roads from Tachilek are connected to and their routes are mentioned below:

  • Kengtung towards the north( Asain Highway 2 (AH2))
  • Taunggyi towards the west via Kengtung
  • Mongla and Yunnan Province in China (AH3)

Inter city transportation is facilitated by Trishaws, Motorcycles Taxis, Car Taxis, Buses and Taxis.


Accommodation Options at Tachilek:

Tachilek is one of the popular sightseer destinations in Myanmar, has lots to offer for the tourists who come here seeking good accommodation facilities. There are many good reputed hotels ranging from small budgeted ones to ultra luxury hotels providing admirable living services with a splash of Burmese cuisines and delicacies. Some of the hotels located in and near Tachilek includes:

  • Dream Flower Hotel
  • Allure Resort and Casino
  • Greater Mekong Lodge
  • Maekhong Delta Boutique Hotel
  • Imperial Golden Triangle Resort
  • Baan Tam Mi La Guest House
  • Wang Thong Hotel
  • Navy Home Hotel
  • Peekmai Resort
  • Pimanminn Hotel
  • Tharnthip Villa Resort
  • Kong Kam House

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